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  1. Okay - thanks for all your help so far, its been a great boost!
  2. Well, I've given it a brief try - too little to be certain that bunnydragon is correct in what he says, but it does look that way. Any other players (and there aren't many!) I tend to steer clear of. Perhaps they also are PvE players who are trying their best to enjoy their quest based gaming. Bunnydragon - supposing I do get another player trying to fight me, what is the best thing to do? Just stand still till I am killed or log out of the game? Any advice welcome! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks to all who responded! Bunnydragon - wise words, I'll give it a try!
  4. I know that in PvE you can flag yourself for PvP - didn't realise it also worked the other way round. Many thanks for that if true - before I log in and build a character, can anyone verify what lemmingstab claims? I live in hope...
  5. Such a disappointment, especially as the Classic server was for Normal play! To me, the essence of WoW is questing and dungeons, which can be enjoyed as a solo player or in a group. Frankly, if I wanted to play a game where the main aim seems to be to fight everyone else, I could sign up for Fortnite. What a wasted opportunity!
  6. Oh dear! Is it possible to play in a PvP realm as a normal player, or will I keep getting attacked by other players? I always thought that with Blizzard, the vast majority of gamers were PvE, with PvP being a minority - was that wrong? Or do you just get a more hardcore gamer on here?
  7. I'm delighted to see TBC up and running, and very grateful to the good people who put in the hard work. I'm also quietly pleased that I have managed to load the client and am able to log in - thought I might have a few problems there! But when I try to log in, the game style I have selected is Normal. The chosen server for me is given as Nighthaven (which is surely for the Classic Wow?) So I select the change realm option under "Development" and see Stormrage recommended for me. So far so good! But, all the realms are PvP - and I am very much a PvE player. Does this mean that TBC will only be available for PvP players? All I want to do is quest and battle monsters, not other players. Have I misunderstood something here - can anyone put me straight? Many thanks!!
  8. snes

    how am i supposed to report someone?

    People keep mentioning in-game tickets, but surely clicking that option will take you to Battlenet's site. Who, unsurprisingly, would be reluctant to assist. Or have Elysium managed to redirect to their own help team?
  9. snes

    Missing Diplomat not working

    Thanks for that, but I don't think I have any addons. Unless you can correct me? I'm thinking of the type of addons you get with, say, Curse Client. Have I misunderstood?
  10. Well, I guess I'm quite near the end of this quest. I'm in Theramore, in Lady Jaina's tower, with Archmage Tervosh and Jaina both showing me question marks. The Archmage congratulates me and offers my reward, I click Complete Quest, the usual sound, then - nothing. I don't get given the quest. So I trot over to Jaina, who, despite having a yellow Q mark, doesn't really want to speak to me. On Retail, I would just raise a note (or whatever it was called) and the bug would eventually be fixed. How, or where, can I report this bug on Vanilla?
  11. snes

    Reporting spam

    I am sooo impressed by how Elysium have wiped the gold sellers - I haven't been spammed for over a week now, and I don't have SpamThrottle or similar. So, big thank you to Elysium - well done!! However, I do now get spam mail trying to refer me to a gold selling site. Which of course I delete, but do wonder if there is a way of reporting the name of the seller so their account can be suspended. Is there an official way of doing this?
  12. I was playing, then the game went a bit strange and I couldn't exit or logout.
  13. Tried to take advice of Elysium and enable 2 factor sign in. Clicked the tabs to get me started on the process, chose the constant ip version, and clicked through. Received the associated authenticating email - and then it dawned on me. The authentication code is contained in a QR code. If I had read more carefully, I might have spotted this in advance (possibly) but as I don't possess a smart phone, so can't read QR codes, does that mean that 2 factor sign in is beyond me? In my imagination, I thought that the process would simply link my ip address with my usual sign in, to give the 2 factors. Is there anyway I can enable 2 factor sign in without using QR codes? Have I missed something obvious here?
  14. snes


    So, should I report the bug? If so, how should I do that?