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  1. yes ofc i can't wait to play with 13 stamina 9 SP r13 shoulders it's best decision OfC , france in charge of braindmg
  2. Darkwinjax

    Annoucement to Dreamstate

    suck my dick dreamstate cockroaches
  3. Darkwinjax

    Gear dependent classes

    ofc, if you want to go that way you can play naked mage too, doesn't take a genius and gear is no impairment on how well you play mage in group pvp, stuff like that just comes down to gamesense of the player itself. gl beating warlocks on a 3k hp mage with 300 SP @ t2 content, maybe say that spec isn't necessary either and just play elemental mage to make the joke even bigger
  4. Darkwinjax

    Gear dependent classes

    you are retarded if you think t2 comes even close to r13. t1 4k hp mage?????? nice joke lmao
  5. Darkwinjax

    Gear dependent classes

    The difference from full t2 to r13 on my warlock is of 100+ spellpower and 300-400hp point is that in AQ40 patch ill have access to not only Aq40 warlock tier that is pretty Solid but i'd be able to swap arround with set bonus and min max my char from r13, at the end of the day these small gear differences add up unless u are fully decked out in the best of the best that PvE has to offer, and even then you'll still be disavantaged (although redundantly small) compared to someone who has access to both best from PvE and best from PvP
  6. Darkwinjax

    Gear dependent classes

    my comment refered about what class benefits most from PvE gear, i'm assuming he doesn't want to have to rank a character to do good in PvP, not which class is more gear dependent in general,
  7. Darkwinjax

    Gear dependent classes

    it all comes down to which class benefits most from having r12-13 set (the 2-3 piece combo is still BiS for alot of classes even in naxx) I wouldn't play mage without r13 gear as you're going to be stuck in sub 4k hp for along time Paladin t2 is super solid for pvp specially in nostalrius patch progression Paladin t2.5 is BiS for ret / reck if thats your thing forever Paladin t3 is absolutly batshit retarded Do rogues gain anything from r12-r13? No Do warriors gain anything from r12-r13? Yeah 2-3 piece bonus is crazy good and you'll always have atleast 2 of those up til naxx, and the full PvP set is absolutly BiS for pvp for along along time Do mages get anything from r12-r13? They have the most valuable PvP set in the game, it's really ваууing OP and they will always use 2 piece and almost every piece of the set holds it's weight even with naxx gear implements Do warlocks get anything from r12-r13? The 2 piece shoulder + gloves combo is BiS, but indeed the difference from it to full t3 is not that significant, but we are talking naxx, the pvp set is very solid (not close to being as good as mages though) throughout whole content And shadowpriests not relying on PvP gear?????? You're crazy, if there's one class who absolutly can't be competitive without r13 until AQ40-NAXX it's shadowpriest, and you're still gonna get outscaled in NAXX and like I said you're problably gonna use 2 pieces of r12-r13 aswell. Only class who trully has no need for r12-r13 is rogue, and even though all classes benefit from their PvP set, the value you get from having it goes down throughout the content, but the 2 piece combo is still used alot even in naxx, in some classes being more or less valuable than others. Best example I can give you of this is that a mage in full t2 is going to have arround 2.8-2.9k hp while a mage in r13 gear is going to have atleast 4k+
  8. Darkwinjax

    unbind? whats wrong?

    he's gathering his pack of inbreeding rats,
  9. Darkwinjax

    Gear dependent classes

    rogues hunters and paladins. would be my best bet.
  10. perfect when grizzly is looking like the most competitive guild on fresh server u know competion is gonna be "good" alright
  11. Darkwinjax

    Warlock set tiers

    All warlock sets are garbage until t2.5, t2 is only decent for pvp if you don't happen to have access to r13, but complete garbage and useless for pve.
  12. Darkwinjax

    Models question

    you can't put patch-X in your data folder, you're client will shut down if you try, give me 500 g and i'll tell you how to do it
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