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  1. stif

    How to save Anathema

    the hype train never stops and the playerbase keeps jumping around ( thats ok) new players dont join becouse of lack of activity on server and becouse of these private server shutdowns by blizard allegedly people dont feel that the server will be up long enough to enjoy the game
  2. stif

    Server First Loremaster!

    oo prais the great loremaster!
  3. check this out maby this is what you are looking for http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Formulas:XP_To_Level
  4. stif


    report and move on report and move on
  5. go run in to the wall ! the servers arnt up even for 24 h and you vine about it ? nostalrius when launched was not good either
  6. get those rocket boots asap if you wana live
  7. stif

    Holy Pala Healer

    everything gona be ok
  8. stif

    reckoning pala unite!

    thats a prock form item. dont know whitch one thou but that life steal scaling is nice
  9. stif

    reckoning pala unite!

    some serious power there
  10. it has something to do with the server too
  11. stif

    You don't have any character yet!

    maby you entered the wrong account information
  12. stif

    Queue Management

    most of the population is under lvl 60 so if there would be a pool to see who will get in without queue you can gues who will win
  13. stif

    Class Dungeon Play Guide

    This is a sorry excuse for a topic