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  1. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Elysium & Zeth'Kur | Patch 1.3

    hey kid u vote hillary too ??? ? FREE MARKET RULES U MARXIST CUCK fuck yeak i love beautiful women not horrible feminazis xaxaxa
  2. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Elysium & Zeth'Kur | Patch 1.3

    hey guys i noticed im logged into my forum account WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im in real life and have alot of fun but cant help to be happy by seeing progress for you gays when is aq? sick of mc. mvh niko xoxo
  3. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    best player(s) per class

    best warrior is cow warrior from western countrty
  4. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Hey friends it's Niko

    its from this guy called billy billywolf from bulgaria mountain he write pokedex for language, billyspeak
  5. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Elysium (Nostalrius) Worst Players

    man these forums are like grandpa compared to peenix and nost
  6. Hey! Who is hosting a teamspeak or discord for all the retajs to join and socialize on for release? Many guild teamspeak etc etc is dead so can't hang on old ips. ( Rwegards
  7. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Old Nost [Alliance]BR1/BR2 PvP'ers

    hey i come too and we can play for all our life again :DDDDdddddddddddddd
  8. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Hey friends it's Niko

    hey !
  9. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Elysium (Nostalrius) Worst Players

    please upload for more fun until release please misho
  10. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Alliance/horde good premades in fresh server?

    maybe i come ! :=)
  11. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    Remember the classics

    Feenix stumped themselves so many times, they would still have the majority of the playerbase if that idjet owner didn't kill off so many players because he got butthurt over personal things.
  12. NikoTheRealSlimShady

    PVP Queue System

    blue gear at r10, some are bis until aq/deep naxx for some classes with 2 part setbonus. free epic mount at r11, you get to buy black epic mounts that work with L40 riding. soooo free epic mount and somewhat gear, if you hate goldfarm for idjet.. :=)