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  1. Hudson

    Game files not found

    You need to run "wow.exe" instead of the launcher.
  2. Hudson

    Stuck on Connecting...

    Is this just for Elysium, or for any of the realms?
  3. Hudson

    Can't login or change password

    That error happens when your username or email is not entered correctly. It's not possible to change either one, so you will need to use the correct username and email that you registered the account with in order to do a password recovery.
  4. Hudson

    Old account

    Realmplayers is not an accurate way to identify old characters. If you did not transfer your character manually when it was available, it was not transferred to Anathema and the character data is lost.
  5. Hudson

    Brut account

    Do not post your account information on public boards unless you are trying to get it hacked. I'm not clear what you are looking for.
  6. Hudson

    Account stolen, via hacked email

    You will need to recover your email account before we can help you. Your account security is your responsibility.
  7. Hudson

    The administrator abuses his authority

    It's possible you were automatically muted by our anti-spam system. To find out, submit a GM ticket in-game. If it was a mute from a GM, you will need to submit a ban appeal to address it.
  8. The Nostalrius data requires input from Nostalrius to "decode." If you would like Nostalrius transfers to be opened again, you will need to contact the Nostalrius team.
  9. Hudson

    2FA problem

    You need to install a 2FA application such as Authy or Google Authenticator, and then scan that code into it to produce a 6-digit PIN.
  10. Hudson

    BWL Boss'es corpse disappeared

    Without video, there is nothing we can do. The requirements outlined in the thread I linked are strict, and for good reason.
  11. Hudson

    Zeth migration problem

    All transfers are final.
  12. Hudson

    i am stuck ,need help 。thankyou

    This can only be resolved in-game with a GM ticket.
  13. Hudson

    BWL Boss'es corpse disappeared

    You will need to submit an in-game GM ticket that meets the requirements outlined here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/47242-boss-looting-failures/
  14. Hudson

    2fa problem

    There was an issue with the time settings on our login server. This should be corrected now.
  15. Hudson

    Hunter pet behavior has changed

    Report any bugs to our bug tracker. It's entirely possible this was an intentional change, as "Defensive" implies that they will attack mobs that are attacking you, rather than vice versa.