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  1. Porta

    AV weekend

    Fuck mages with gems though!
  2. Porta

    AV weekend

    Well played. damn AV weekends!
  3. Hello, let's face it, AV is trash. for some reason China find's it worth to turtle and farm gold there through the turn ins? (I'm guessing that's what they do, otherwise i'm completely clueless on what they are doing) (inb4theyplayforfun: is it normal that on an average pug AV 80% of the original players leave? big fun for everyone!) I feel like it would be way better if you'd up the AV mark turn in gold reward and remove the silver reward from the turn in's that are currently present. much like the AB mark turn in where you turn it in for 75 Reputation and no honor vs 50 Reputation and 400~ honor. You can choose, A turn in with the normal money reward + honor or a turn in with extra money as a reward, but no honor or reputation. naturally this can't be a too large amount but i figure theres someway you guys can balance it. give people incentive to play the objective besides repu and honor.
  4. Porta

    E-mail problem #2

    i'm going to try and contact their support staff rn. lets see
  5. Porta

    E-mail problem #2

    Bump. over the past two days i've tried it again, with intervals of 3 to 12 hours i've tried to receive e-mails fron elysium but alas nothing is being received.. i've tried either one of the options in the CP but i'm not receiving anything. Adding their [email protected] did not seem to work.
  6. Porta

    Soloing Trib

    Oh very nice! Now I got to convince my rogue friend to drop that stupid dagger spec life of his lol
  7. Porta

    E-mail problem #2

    I'm going to try that thanks!
  8. Porta

    E-mail problem #2

    A few weeks ago I posted this topic; /topic/53575-e-mail-problem/?tab=comments#comment-433892 at first I thought I had entered my e-mail wrong by accidently adding a dot to the end of it. But it seems thats just how the "an e-mail has been send... etc" message i i'm just not receiving e-mails from elysium, it seems. i'm using outlook, it seems their services are just terrible? I would REALLY like some help on this, I have no idea what to do tbh. My friends are using g-mail which does seem to work.. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm sying inside when i'm doing 6 day runs, HOW did you manage? grats! mucho impressive
  10. If only I could rank in steps :/ loved that feenix feature to death tbh. I bet it saved me weeks/mo ths of my life. While still getting somewhere in the long run
  11. Porta

    Scourge Invasion Guide

    Feenix stuff needed exalted afaik
  12. Porta

    2fa problem

    it's fixed!
  13. Porta

    MSBT new "trigger"

    I want to make a sweeping strikes trigger that goes off when I pop it but I cant for the life of me figure out what to do. I know the buff part in incoming or notifications or sth does this but with it all the other buffs. Which is sth i dont want :P thx for the inputs
  14. Porta

    2fa problem

    yep i'm using outlook too.. guess that's it then..
  15. Porta

    2fa problem

    Nah. I'm very positive this is the right one.. but the e-mails have always been slow, it's just that we are doing ony tonight that i'm keen to solve this prob