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  1. So lets start with what we DO know. ZK transfers are complete. Some people were allowed to change names, some weren't. 1.4 and 1.5 UPDATES were released at the same time. Some items were upgraded, some items go half their upgrades, some items go no upgrades, and some items upgraded to stats that they should never have. Some even updated to AQ stats...LMAO AV quests are not working. Let me rephrase. They ARE working, however you will not get any item rewards from turning in. AV REP also gets you nothing but some potions, bandages, and other BS. Dungeon Loot Tables are not updated. Meaning I'm wasting my time running Scholo and UBRS for items that aren't even in the game yet. Patch notes: what exactly was updated? What do we have to look forward to? (This is as simple as updating your website homepage....) I understand that things got messed up (how? I'm not sure. you guys act like you've never updated a server before) but how about you clue us in to whats happening? I know you have PLENTY of "Community Ambassadors" but what are they doing? Obviously not keeping the community up to speed with whats happening. long story short: Can we get an ETA on what is being fixed, whats going to be fixed, what has priorities and what doesnt? We have about a month until BWL comes out. My guild is raiding this weekend. Is the MajorDomo chest even in game yet? If not, why not? This is another thing we NEED so we can have everyone geared before running into BWL. If you take 2 more weeks to implement, then we only get 2 chests before BWL patch? Great. I'll make sure to tell my guild we need to run more then 1 MC a week. Oh wait, we CAN'T. - Every concerned TRYHARD on Elysium
  2. Guys, it's officially happened. Server died. Last night system message informed us "blah blah blah in preperation for the merge we need to switch ZK over to blah blah blah". Server uptime is listed at 10hr but 0 pop =( Maybe our merge if finally happening this week? =D
  3. I feel you man. I would love another post about it from the admins as well. But sadly, it's all on their time. I'm tired of seeing 1100 people online while I'm at work, then getting home to 700 people online. Fucking awesome server.
  4. day 1. now don't stop and in 12days you'll hit 60
  5. Maage


    Is still causing issues. On your recent dev. updates you state: "The disconnections caused by having multiple crowd control effects active at same time (e.g. fear and stun) should be fixed. We will continue to monitor the situation for any sign of further issues." This is a day 1 bug that's still up, and one of the biggest bugs that are causing issues. 1/3 of mobs (weather they're bosses, elites, or reg. plaguebats) have a power that will stun you, fear you, root you, anything like that. Thats ALOT of fucking mobs. We can't run DM:N tribute runs without our tank DCing at least once on Kromcrush. I know you're going to move this into the "bug report" section. Not like it matters because you're not going to fix this issue there either. I get it. You're all volunteering your time for this. This is a free project. Blah Blah Blah. Doesn't mean you can't spend some time and try and fix a bug that's been out for 5 months now. ZK is dying. We haven't had any other news on our merge. Our guild can't recruit enough members to raid. And no one's even hinting at the AV 1.5 release. IF YOU WANT THESE SERVERS TO STAY ALIVE YOU NEED TO REMIND US THAT COOL SHIT IS COMING AND YOU'RE WORKING HARD ON IT AND WILL BE RELEASING NEW CONTENT/MERGING SERVERS SOON.
  6. You act like alliance has NEVER camped anyone. It's an open world PvP game. BOTH sides gank, both sides camp, and both sides complain. If you don't like Horde ganking you, roll Alli. If you're tired if Allli ganking you, roll Horde. If you're tired of being ganked all together, delete your account and have a good life. Simple as that, you fucks.
  7. way to long; didn't read past sometinng about a FP in WPL wtf? way to give bad info bro. There is no FP in WPL. Just UC and EPL.
  8. Also, thank you for moving this to the correct section.
  9. Is this ever going to be updated? I asked about this about 3 weeks, and no response or solution yet. It's rather simple. Just update the page... ZK is showing that we are still PRE Azuregos and Kazzak and that we don't have Dire Maul yet... Well those are all wrong as we do. I understand we are merging at some point, so maybe that's your reasoning behind not updating it. Either way, Elysium def. has Azuregos and Kazzak and Dire Maul... This could throw some people off, seeing as they would believe that ZK and Elysium haven't progressed since day 1. Please update this for the reasons listed here, and so that if I check the page, I'll know what update to be expecting next (AV 1.5) and what update we are currently on (DM 1.4) YOU MADE THE TIMELINE. MIGHT AS WELL USE IT PROPERLY. -Maage
  10. Maage

    About the ZK Transfer

    Elysium isn't being "left out". They are giving ZK OPEN transfers to whatever server they want. If they want Elysium, they will go to Elysium. If they want Anathema, they will go to Anathema. There is no discussion needed... Elysium went from having 10k people online at all time, to only 5k-6k pop at all times. ZK has 900 people on at most. If even HALF of us transfer to Elysium, you wont even notice. Please stop hating on us because our home is closing. Trust me, WE DON'T WANT TO TRANSFER EITHER. We would love to stay in ZK @ a steady pop of 2k. However that's no longer possible. Either we transfer to another server, we stop playing, or our toons get AUTO transferred to Elysium. Sorry bout it.
  11. As an active ZK member let me tell you, all we do is endgame... I'm a well equipped mage with near-full pre-raid BiS, a 3 piece Arcanist set, and every week my character grows stronger and stronger. If I go to Elysium after xfer, at least it'll be the same patch as I'm currently on, and I can pretty much still get good spots in dungeons and raids. If I go to Anathema, I'll go from being a decked out mage, to a mage who's wayy behind the curve. Why would i want to do that? I'm sorry Anathema needs people, but so does ZK and no one wanted to re-roll to help us grow our pop, so screw you all. Most ZK players are going to Elysium, and only because it's the least shitty realm left.
  12. Correct. Finally someone who actually knows something and isn't blowing steam out of their ass. Downloading torrents is NOT illegal. HOSTING the torrent is. You WILL NOT get in trouble for downloading this. Still, you should download from the elysium website to be safe (for virus' and what-not). What I do is start the torrent, and change the "upload" speed (sometimes called 'seed speed' and other variations) to as low of a number as you can. My minimum is 1kbp. This means that I'm hosting/seeing/uploading this as slow as possible (but still downloading at max speed) meaning that if I was the only seed, it would literally take you a year to download. The only time you should worry about the legality of things is if you torrent a lot of stuff. I torrent my music and game launchers. That's it. If you want to watch a movie, stream that shit boii, it's 2k17 man, get with the times and stop wasting space on your hard drive for porn. You can stream that shit too.
  13. half? yeah right, I wish it was at half pop still. When the server launched, ZK was at a steady 5k pop. Half of that would be at 2.5k pop. This would STLL be nice. But thats not the case. We are sitting at 900people online right now and this is peak UK time... fucking nuts. Half pop my ass. Try 1/6 the pop. Good thing we can transfer to a real server soon!
  14. Maage


    I own the following names that you will never get: Maage ChickenSuper Hoonter DuckDogers DarkwingDuck You could always pay me 500g and I'll delete a character ;)
  15. I notice ZK still hasn't been updated on the Timeline page. Didn't check the other servers but one of them could be out of sync as well. On ZK we DO have the world bosses Azuregos and Kazzak and the instance Dire Maul IS out (although not sure about the event "The Maul"). Should this be updated? As far as I can tell, ZK should just be waiting on the AV patch 1.4 and 1.5 (DYING for this because of certain item stat changes =) Am I correct in assuming we ARE up to the Dire Maul patch? (I just like things to be correct. Even during an MC raid, I ask our GM to update DKP stats after every boss, so that numbers are correct) Thank you.