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  1. Jubilee

    Server Cap or Merge Servers

    My raiding guild on Anathema that I have been with for 4 months was disbanded last night due to an unsustainable rate of replacement required to fill raids. Sadly, due to all these threads getting deleted or locked and no updated meaningful response being given, I believe there will be no information regarding a merge for months. I encourage anyone who is seriously interested in seeing a merge to simply stop logging in to Anathema or Darrowshire. Our concerns are ignored on the forums so I think our only solution is to act in game.
  2. I suggest releasing the names of characters level 10 and below that have less than 2 hours logged in on them to allow more options for the current playerbase and those who will join in the future. This project had a massive launch and many names have been reserved on level 1 characters belonging to accounts that haven't been touched in ages. Another thought would be to allow accented letters back on character names. Nostalrius had this feature and with so many characters having been created at this point there are very few original choices left.
  3. Jubilee

    20-29 Thread

    For anyone that isn't aware, Felmyst (Gummy's) TBC server releases July 21 @ 3PM EST. The server has been in development for over two years and promises to be the premier place to be in terms of quality scripting and gameplay. TBC has often been regarded as the golden age of twinking, and there is significant interest in developing an active scene there. I encourage anyone who likes twinking to come join us on the server in an effort to make it the pinnacle of competitive 29 PVP.
  4. As an Anathema player, I was really hoping all these posts about the community's worry regarding ZK's population would result in a merge for ZK and hopefully not too long after a merge for Anathema as well. It's very disappointing that the official response is that there are no plans in the foreseeable future to merge ZK. I believe that this decision will later be added to the list of reasons of why this project ultimately failed.
  5. Please seriously consider this. I play on Anathema and am beginning to have little incentive to log on anymore as more and more of the friends I've played with since Nostalrius are quitting. I'm sick of hearing people saying 2.5k population is healthy and was representative of "high pop" realms back in the day. The number one selling point Nostalrius had was it's population since it made the server feel so alive. Population on all four realms are consistently plummeting and something needs to be done to remedy this sooner rather than later.
  6. Shame on Nostalrius for not giving any information whatsoever regarding this issue.
  7. I'm all for stopxp being implemented.
  8. Yes, that's your only hope since Elysium staff are unable to help with this issue. However, you should tell your friend to not get his hopes up as there is already a thread about this problem on Nost general forums since Dec. 22 that has been ignored by staff. His best bet might be to just start from scratch on one of the available servers or wait for fresh in case Nost continues to remain silent.
  9. Decided to resurrect this topic on Elysium forums in hopes that this change can finally be implemented. Original thread: https://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21715 There are alot of people who only playing on Nost for low level PvP. And the recent change that supposed to fix premades issue at 60 was a big hit to lower brackets. I noticed queues became longer. Also this change pretty much killed AB since everyone now only queues for WSG. In low levels we dont have premades dodging issue so we dont need this queue restriction. Please remove it from all brackets except 60.
  10. Sadly I lost my name. I really hope they change their stance on this and allow accented letters to be used again. I think it's fair since this server has such a monstrous population.