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  1. Setup

    Anathema War Effort Complete!

    If you think 8 hours is going to make a big difference, you underestimate the size of the grind :p
  2. Thanx for continuing to update, the nostalri.us page has taken a vacation.
  3. Setup

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Makes me wonder if they discriminated between accounts with copper ore and active accounts with copper ore.
  4. Setup

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    What this fellow said. 3-4 weeks is a good target. After that period of time, I'm sure the staff will reevaluate the numbers if it's necessary. Have some faith in the staff! If their targets end up being unreasonable, they'll change em, because it's very obvious Anathema will bleed players if the war event ends up taking 12+ weeks.
  5. Setup

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    I hope the staff keeps an eye on the progress of the war effort. From my naieve first glance, it appears some of the materials requirements are a bit inflated. (I think the thorium bar requirement is x45 increase.) If we hit the 3-4 week mark and we've only made a modest dent in the progress, I hope the staff will be there to think about it :)
  6. Setup

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    I can confirm, this server uses 315. The final 5 pts award only 5% (1/3rd normal value) source: https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/767 i'd like to hear some rough estimates of how that 5% compares to a chunk of AP, say 40ap
  7. Setup

    [A] <Blacklisted> [NA] Weekend Raiding

    we cleared BWL in like 90 minutes this week we're not unbearably awful to play with! (looking at you, 3+hr runs)
  8. Setup

    AQ Release

    ye, 4,000 people aren't playing because AQ hasnt been out for 5 weeks, very astute
  9. Setup

    Recipe: Smoked Desert Dumplings

    I think that's intentionally removed from the game?
  10. Setup

    The Spell Hit debate

    doesn't matter, itemization is too linear for you to do anything with this information, hit and crit are functionally equivalent. just stack crit if you like to pvp, since hit is worth nothing to pvpers.
  11. Setup

    [A] <Blacklisted> [NA] Weekend Raiding

    soon to be frozen in a rictus of revenge, their trembling forms crept from the beneath the cellar
  12. Setup

    Silithus Mining question

    The Silithus nodes were spawning on reliable (45?) minute timers, meaning if you got the timers down you could go from node-to-node, collecting 10-15 rich nodes all at once. The Nostalrius 1.0 team felt this was a bug, that the timers should have been more random, and that anyone who farmed them extensively must have known this was a bug and therefore were intentional abusers. About 7-8 people were perma-banned.
  13. Setup

    End game Dagger Rogues - need your input!

    Nost 1.0 (supposedly) ran with a 315 weapon skill cap, rather than the 310 that so many other private realms use. They reasoned this was supposed to be because it's 5 pts per lvl, and with bosses being lvl 63, that's 15 pts. I doubt anyone has tested (or asked) if the cap is 310 or 315 here, but if it's 315, it's worth wearing the dagger skill gear to reach the cap.
  14. Setup

    Is Serrated Blades broken?

    Worked on Nost, even though it displayed 0.
  15. Setup

    T2.5/early T3 and the damage meter chart

    For Naxx: Tier 1 is Warlocks/Fury Warriors. Tier 2 is Rogues, Mages. Tier 3 is Hunters, Shadow Priests, Hybrids. Locks and mages are fairly even thru AQ, but locks get way better itemization in Naxx. Hunters fall off very hard after BWL, and never recover. Rogue vs. mage dps largely depends on the fight.