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  1. Island princess BWL Speedrun attempt
  2. hahaha epic ! true rogue:)))) salty mafia and cartel :D
  3. i dont want the "Drama" at all but who they fuck is Crestfall seriously, what they have done, did you spend more than 1 year played there? do you have your own expirience how good or bad are their core at all? We all played on nostalrius it was good and bad it was PURE fun for everyone, we all know that Nostalrius gave the torch to Elysium then they left. The hype train and the bigger player base keep the servers alive so thanks Nostalrius and long live to Elysium. Lets everyone have fun while playing here thats all i want for myself!
  4. The population numbers is the main goal for all those pirates, while Kronos lag and delay with 500 people online. Stop beign a fanboy sor sure. We have seen many shady dealers like Playtbc who just scammas alot of ppl account data, and now alot of people are crying becouse their accounts were hacked, Elysium already have 4 servers and working on who the fuck is CRESTFALL and who sit behind the scenes there, can you share your info ?! :)
  5. Pirates against Pirates sure why not?! But what if they just joined the Elysium team to steal the "Nostalrius core" for their own good kek. Now they can say all against Elysium ofc. Lets be honest all vanilla P(irate)servers want to run under the nostalrius core. I wont be surprised if Shitfall-Gaming release their own server sooooner :). fuck da scammas !
  6. Isnt using VPN affect the realm same way as multiboxing ?
  7. Ghoul

    Account banned after server restart

    my account were banned too since i tryed to connect several times after the server restart -.-
  8. Ghoul

    Ascii Character names

    The characters with ascii symbols inside are well transfered but once i try to enter the world the server answer i must rename my character first? i tryed but stucked for like 10-15 mins and the renaming failed. so im stuck now what to do ? Ascii character names are allowed or not ? P.S Sry for my english xD