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  1. Charles

    MC'ing people out of BG

    Alright, sorry to bring it up. I will just never battleground again or talk on forums. Lesson learned, also never submitting gm ticket again.
  2. Was guarding flag earlier in a WSG when a rogue killed me as I fought other people. I res'd in the graveyard and was immediately sapped into a mind control helm and promptly ran out of the bg portal. This took away not only a likely win, but gave me deserter buff. This wasted half an hour of my time. I submitted a GM ticket and 3 hours later was told there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The GM also taunted me when I said "I am stunned" by replying "At least your not mind controlled". While this is kind of funny and I was mega trolled, I have to wonder why on earth this is acceptable both in game abuse and the GM abuse and rude responses. Before you laugh at me, think about if it was you. I was told not to be near the portal...I was res'd in the graveyard! This seems like an open and shut case of abusive in game behavior but instead I was trolled by a GM. I have all screenshots of conversation. Does the community think this is acceptable? It is hard enough to rank in PVP while working full time...let alone when I try to que a few times I get ran out of a battleground via mindcontrol and get a deserter buff...
  3. There seems to be much conflicting information online about this. I went through dbvanilla gaming, reddit, and multiple other forums and sources trying to get a conclusive answer as to which patch in vanilla changed things or when/why people seem to say such radically different things. I suppose its as simple as me being "a retail player" though. Who knew.
  4. Hit exalted with SW rep but the riding training cost in Eastvale is same as it is outside IF which is revered rep. What gives?
  5. Charles

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    I don't see why anybody is taking up for these no life un'goro guys. I have been down there multiple times at 60 and can vouch that they have people from BOTH factions afk/stealthed out/on multiple accounts monitoring every devilsaur spawn. I watched one hunter stand on an island one day in view of where a devilsaur spawns and for about an hour he just auto killed the 1 mob that spawned in his radius and then the rest of the time sat there. I went by today and saw a lvl 60 rogue stealthed ona tree branch on a devilsaur spawn afk, when I hit him he started moving. I had a devilsaur spawn directly on top of me TWICE only to have both horde and alliance literally swarm me and take me out. Not only is this bizzare behavior, but it has gone on way too long. This indicates something MORE than just some dudes who want to make some gold. By now they would have made enof for 10 epic mounts. This indicates gold selling. There is no other reason people would spend literally all day and night guarding and farming every devilsaur spot in un goro.
  6. The DDOS isn't an attack on Elysium, it is an attack on the future of Vanilla wow private servers and maybe in general. Most people including myself likely won't roll on another private server and invest time like this again. I would take it more seriously than brushing it off with rude and immature forum trolling.
  7. For the last time, Elysium admins talked about in a Q & A (Krogg or w/e his name is responded to this) and said that there was evidence of some kind that Kronos was behind the DDOS. If that is true, there you go. Also, bad illustration man. DNA Testing and security camera's recording people going into bathrooms would make that quite possible. How about you listen to what I say instead of trying to just attack me ? Why not work on resolving this rather than just attack me? What the hell is wrong with you guys?
  8. Why you feel the need to respond the way you do should be the focus of a study on the reprobate mind.
  9. Over the past few months Elysium has acknowledged on several occasions that they were under heavy DDOS. Lately they refuse to even acknowledge it, but it is fairly obvious what a DDOS attack feels like by now. At no point in time has Elysium made a real effort to tell the community who is behind the attacks. (If they know, some believe and have said it to be Kronos) At no point in time have they told the community what exactly they are doing to mitigate the DDOS. At no point in time have they told the community what long term fix they have in mind. I propose the following: Communication Elysium needs to tell the community who is behind it (if they know) and set up a donation place for people to donate towards DDOS protection if that costs money, let's put an end to this. Retaliation Surely someone in this community is capable of doing the same to whoever is doing this. Why not release the information necessary for those who love Elysium to retaliate. One thing is for certain, sitting back and getting DDOS'd into oblivion week after week is getting REALLY old. Let's fight back, let's find a fix, and let's get some communication. Lastly, I would add that rerolling to K2 or another Elysium server is not an option. Not only is it conceding to these DDOS attackers, but it would waste a significant amount of time. Don't give these people what they want, it only encourages further DDOS attacks in the future.
  10. Charles

    Aaaannddd it's Down.

    Kronus DDOS'ing the hell out of Elysium to get people to come back to their pay 2 win server. Idiots taking the bait and leaving. Many people still stay, all the idiots gone. Profit.
  11. Was grinding in Ungoro when I saw a "lf1m dps ST can summon". I joined the group, was summoned, helped them fight into the instance and kill horde, and everything is going smooth. Shortly into the run I get a message "Why do you have Fasten our mage muted". I say, I don't know and unmute the guy. We are about 3 minutes in when I click on the first statue after a starwell in ST. They ask me if I clicked it and I said ya and I didn't know it was glitched or what not, apologized. A few seconds later I am removed and ported to IF and told I am retarded. This costs me 15 minutes or more worth of travel time from IF back to Un goro, not to mention getting ganked by champion ranked horde at Un Goro flight path when I langed most likely. I wouldn't make this post just to "whine", but I would like to warn you. If you are a semi-casual player who doesn't know everything and are admittedly imperfect in your game knowledge or maybe if you just don't like to group with total pricks...avoid people from "Notice" on Alliance. Being treated like absolute crap for making a simple mistake 3 minutes into a run after being ported across the world and not being warned or anything otherwise, is really rude. These guys were a 4 man group and quite honestly treated me like crap, I am sure in the future they would you also. Beware of these guys --- don't pug with em, you may be screwed over next. I understand I may have messed up some puzzle in there, but they wasted tons of my time over a simple mistake for no reason. They could have reset and started it back up in 3 minutes instead they screwed me over and kept clearing to beat it all not even resetting. On top of that there was multiple 60's in the run, it wasn't even hard... I guess I know why their mage was on ignore now...
  12. Is where Horde Rank 10/11 Warriors with Arcanite Reapers hang out in between their long bg ques. Why roll horde if the only way you can accumulate honor is camping people 10 lvls lower than you at 60? Que times that bad bro?
  13. Charles

    connection issues

    It came out during a recent recorded session of devs and folks that Kronos was probably ddos'ing so people would go back and play on there. It will be a cold day in hell that I ever even look Kronos way since they are screwing me out of time.
  14. Charles

    First Broken Tooth of the server

    When is last sighting of this guy?