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  1. Fixed a typo. I haven't read nor heard of a single player in a casual guild in Anathema disagreeing with or even just complaining about not having world buffs.
  2. Well summed up. Seems all guilds raiding Naxx have a very large majority of players in favor of keeping them disabled either forever or at least for way longer than initially planned. However a part of players would also enjoy being able to test and push their limits on the above mentioned "easy bosses" when it comes to dps, raid dps, kill times and whatnot. I personally think there is no need for them to keep a "competitive" raiding atmosphere. But I do see the appeal of having buffs enabled for these parsing reasons. Perhaps a good alternative would be to enable them again in a near future for certain wings (following a retail progression for instance) while keeping them disabled for the last wing. Saph/KT and to some extent 4HM (the execution of the encounter and gear on specific classes has much more impact than on other bosses, thus decreasing the importance of buffs a bit) are truely challenging without buffs while remaining in the reach of most guilds considering the gear they have for it. Adding world buffs for these 2 or 3 would simply make them go from actual rewarding challenges (whose difficulties naturally decrease overtime as players get more gear) to simple loot pinatas. Some projects go with tuning hp dmg and whatnot, most of the time ending up being poor design choices with no actual calculations behind them. I do not think this is the proper answer seeing how the content remains relevant just by removing these world buffs.
  3. Slicy

    aq opening questline

    It was disabled indeed. So the player aspiring to become Neutral with Brood of Nozdormu had to be looting every single carapace fragment. I believe this was to delay the gates opening a little bit. Turned out it wasn't enough to prevent players from completing a scepter in a timely fashion.
  4. Slicy

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    Fuck off with the remove raid queuing suggestions. Just because you suck and/or can't be asked to play with more players doesn't mean others need to be negatively impacted by it and not be able to play together in a mmorpg. If you are really fed up with getting steam rolled by premades, stop queuing, go play some other game or keep on feeding us with your tears on forums. Nothing prevents you from getting 9 / 14 other nerds to contest established premades until you defeat them. That's how it should work.
  5. instant attacks duki, instant attacks... Why is a protection warrior better than a protection paladin ? //Discuss
  6. Slicy

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Missing 2 better types of ammunition. Missing Fiendish Machete in 1H weapons. Missing Juju Strength for the pet.
  7. C'thun has never been so hungry for fresh and blue geared mortal blood I heard. On a more serious note, if staff does have the "tech" to make a 10k+ server lagfree and enjoyable for players at peak times then I don't see why we should all be playing different realms when all we want in the end is to play the same game. United we stand, divided we fall. Nostalrius Begins managed, unintentionally, to unite the vanilla community which was playing on different projects and servers over the span of years. Right now this community is divided across several realms and those who opted for fresh realm(s) realized mistakes were made by both previous staff and themselves or simply didn't even have the choice if they wanted to play a character (looking at you ZK refugees who rolled there because queue times simply suck hard). You start to hear everyday Elysium realm players complaining about farming MC mindlessly with awful loot tables and close to no other content. While they have been warned it would be progressive patch releases, they might have not realized what it actually meant. Not everyone has already been through farming MC (and BWL) for years in the past like the majority. But I'm quite confident close to nobody is enjoying playing a realm with all the mistakes Blizzard had eventually fixed. Go explain me what's good or enjoyable in not having AV, in having BoP Black Lotus, in having no spelldmg from raid drops, etc and waiting for too many months or even years to experience next raid tiers. Being forced to handle 3-4 realms on different patches, itemization, db, hardware, content to release, etc. is adding a quite consistent and tedious workload on all departments of staff as well which could be used into working on content quality, bug fixing and development instead. However, please only consider this if you are confident in your ability to provide a lagfree experience for 1 pvp and 1 pve realm (there is a need for a pve realm, it should remain filled and Darrowshire is doing just fine while being less "progressed" than Anathema). The work and time spent by Nost staff to fix lag (nobody was enjoying the server at 10K pop with 5 secs delay at peak hours everyday) and add things like dynamic respawns, phasing into every single Azeroth zone, etc shall not go to waste. You've got in your hands the fate of what becomes of this community. Player base had already warned that splitting it into 4 different realms was barely a short term solution at best to a short term problem with nothing positive in the long run and hopefully you are realizing it right now. Listen this time around. Build bridges, not walls.
  8. When is pvp video with dark edge of memenity ? Do you manually screenshot everytime you pk or is it an addon doing it for you ? Sounds tedious.
  9. WTS pro tip for stomach stacks bug thing. Think of how many wipes and consums it would save, come up with a real offer.
  10. You don't need flasks on melees with already over 5, 6, 7 or even 8k HP for C'thun or Huhuran. You don't need any flask on healers either. You can kill C'thun with 3 weakened phases. You can kill C'thun without any world buff. "Titans raid wide" and full world buffs is not gonna make you get any better at defeating the encounter. For a progression kill maybe (it's possible without any really right now considering how the fight is) but are you gonna make 40 ppl use titans every week to kill 1 boss ? That's overkill and you will burn out your ppl more than anything. If you can't kill C'thun because you had 3 deaths, reconsider how you do the fight. It's doable with 5+ deaths after CRs used and 4091 resistances on every type of tentacle of the fight and in 3 phases.
  11. Slicy

    Are you kidding me?

    8 minutes pretty good, gj. Think even shorter has been done on nost/anathema once. NB: Azuregos is not a SHE.
  12. Slicy

    Final Pvp Update

    <nerds united>recruiting desperate rank 14 ppl to raid each others weapons quartermaster.