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  1. Hey. This may be a silly question, but I wanted to reassure that changing your font file is allowed. By instructions from some website, I created a folder called "Fonts" and downloaded a custom font file and placed there. Will scans pick up on this and ban me?
  2. i think it's a great act upon community to ban you owandix, you took all the trust that wast given to you from this project and flush it down the toilet like a piece of shithole you now deserve to think about the acts which you have caused us
  3. Bruno

    This needs to stop

    World pvp is mandatory if you're ranking as horde, as the bg queues are often to long (especially if you soloqueue). Don't expect this to stop anytime soon, and btw it's nothing personal just honor :)
  4. run 3mage and make 12min fools did you hear about aoe ROFL
  5. Bruno

    Whatever decision is

    do you think they will bring nost back
  6. You write all this stuff that sounds good on paper but doesn't work in practice. How much uptime to you expect an enh shaman to have against a remotely competent team? Especially if you want to attack their backline. You lack the armor that a warrior has, you can't shieldwall a burst, you can't hamstring a target, you can't stancedance out of fear and most importantly you can't charge your target or apply mortal strike. The totem counteparts to hamstring and fear simply dont work nearly as well. Ele shamans otoh can be in the backline and do insane burst at range, and unlike enh they can also offheal pretty well.
  7. Haven't read a single post in this thread that correctly adresses the strength and weaknesses between pally/shamans in pvp. How it works in practice is this: Paladin is a very strong defensive class and can heal/cleanse for much longer than any other class. They can also bubble, which means they are rarely (and shouldn't) be a priority target, so they get to freecast a lot more than say, priests. However, elemental shamans have insane burst with ns+chain lightning and providing windfury for melee. No serious premade will ever bring an enhancement shaman btw, they are useless in bgs. So basically horde teams will try to burst the enemy down quickly to gain a nr advantage in battle. If this fails, alliance will have an advantage because they can outlast horde if the battle gets drawn out. I'd say overall paladins are stronger early on, but as ele shamans gets more and more spellpower they actually surpass them. Also, shaman is much harder to play effectively than a paladin. A mediocre paladin is probably more useful for his team than a mediocre shaman.
  8. i like the guy from what i hear maybe he has issues with hamsers or something else lol
  9. Bruno

    Garbage horde

    Do like the proper horde and form a premade.
  10. Bruno

    Orc fury warrior help

    warriors can wield any weapon
  11. did you try restricting router?
  12. Bruno

    Forum reputation....

    i wish reputation also every strong posts in green, it makes woth conribution and prevent every spamming
  13. Bruno

    Racist piece of ****

    Did you try responding to this particular individual, and perhaps explain, in a rational way, why what (s)he is doing is wrong. Just something you can try,,,