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  1. Mr_Rosh

    WOD character models

    Yes, they are allowed.
  2. Mr_Rosh

    Forgotten ingame password

  3. Mr_Rosh

    WoW 1.12.1 Vanilla client

    @mikitymac You could use Xpadder instead of Consoleport.
  4. Mr_Rosh

    Confusing Account Creation/login

    Make sure your realmlist.wtf file is set to set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org
  5. Mr_Rosh

    Current Broken and Working Client Download Links

    Please follow our beginner guide.
  6. Mr_Rosh

    'Disconnect from server ' Cant log in

    Have you tried following our beginner guide?
  7. Mr_Rosh

    Help getting characters back!

    Your characters have been transferred automatically on your account if you played on the old Elysium PvP or Darrowshire realms.
  8. Mr_Rosh

    Cone of cold

    Please open up a new issue on our bug tracker providing as much information as you can. https://github.com/elysium-project/classic-bug-tracker
  9. Please try using your account name instead of your email to log in. Also, the forum account isn't the same as your game account. If you're still not able to log in, please PM @Shenna your account name and the issue you're having.
  10. Mr_Rosh

    Tbc server longevity and possible wrath server?

    @TheDeathSonata The vanilla server will stay up, and you'll be able to progress your character to the TBC realm. There are no plans for a WotLK realm. @Hater The 1-60 zones, if that's your question, will be there, yes. And you'll be able to level your draenai / blood elf characters. We will not allow however faction changes for paladins / shamans until a later date after the release.
  11. Mr_Rosh

    Install Botched

    Try to disable your firewall and download the model.mpq file again.
  12. Mr_Rosh

    Automatic bag sort

    " IMPORTANT: Requires https://github.com/shirsig/SortBags " Get this addon too.
  13. Mr_Rosh

    Client Stuttering/freezing

    What about windows mode and v-sync?
  14. Mr_Rosh

    Client Stuttering/freezing

    Try deleting your WDB folder. If the issue isn't gone, delete your WTF folder (make sure you backup it up). Please reply back after you tried this.
  15. Mr_Rosh

    Do you need a graphics card to play?

    An integrated graphics card will do.