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  1. Mr_Rosh

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    You may have to submit a new issue on Luna's github page.
  2. Mr_Rosh

    Help! My main is in s loop

    Disable all your addons before entering the world. If that doesn't work, make a ticket with your other character and ask a GM to teleport you out of there.
  3. Mr_Rosh

    Forgotten ingame password

    You have to go to the website and reset it. https://elysium-project.org/
  4. Mr_Rosh

    Mob level by zone information

    You could try this shortcut if you're constantly dying to skull mobs.
  5. Mr_Rosh

    First time use - unable to log in

    If you leveled on your old account, you might wanna get it back since you'll be able to get your characters on the 15th this month or late this year transferred to TBC.
  6. Mr_Rosh

    Hello new here, and cant start the game

    Go to your WoW directory -> WTF folder -> Config.wtf and search for SET gxResolution "....." line and replace the dots with your native resolution. For me it's SET gxResolution "1920x1080".
  7. It will require 10x the amount of people they got now to develop such stuff. It's tremendous work and they'll do it all for free, in their spare time.
  8. Mr_Rosh

    from Nostalgeek To Elysium

    You can't transfer your character, but if you played on the old servers, you'll be able to get your old characters after the merge on the 15th. You can also buy an already geared up character from the character shop, check out the website.
  9. Mr_Rosh

    Population concerns

    It's fairly common to see a decline in population during the summer. If you decide to give it a change now, you'll have a head start as apposed to those coming back after the holidays or the people coming back with the character merge. You'll also be ahead when TBC transfers will begin, if you decide to try it out.
  10. Mr_Rosh

    Cosplay Contest?

    I would love to see a cosplay contest. Brings something original to the scene, as far as I know, and is a good opportunity for people to make themselves known in the community. So I'm voting yes, because it's always exciting to see what people are coming up with and what sort of creative minds lurk amongst us.
  11. Mr_Rosh

    [Desktop Application] GitAddonsManager

    Looks really nice, the only issue would be that all the color selections are too bright, maybe add a few darker ones.
  12. https://github.com/Aviana/YaHT
  13. Mr_Rosh

    Best mod for waypoints?

    Try TomTom.
  14. Mr_Rosh

    Automatic bag sort

    From the addon description: "Folder name must be "Cleanup"."
  15. Mr_Rosh

    Automatic bag sort