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  1. you forget one thing sir the old nost is the new nost in a way. After the whole wow vanilla nost controversy in media, there was thousands upon thousands new players on the release, that started playing there. Old nost is the NEW nost in a huge way, its weeks now after the re release of old db and there is still new players freaking everywhere you literaly go. today almost 12k players online. like 9 out of 10 people ive meet, that started playing on old nost, not gona re roll on the other one cous as I said the old nost is the NEW nost in a way. also if you think about it most people who gona start on fresh already would have stopped playing, personaly I dont see the point already got to lvl 40 lol for the hundred of thousand of players the main hype was the release of nost, the fresh thing came after hehe
  2. Zen1337

    Why people want fresh so much?

    The pop on pvp should be fine, new servers are being released and there still was a 3 k que today. If we assume that most people who are going to start on fresh, already stopped playing till start or never even started, it does suggest that population should be preatty much very similar just without the que as long as they don't freak out, its sad indeed the fresh server players trying to cause panic. There is way to many people that started and don't want to roll again.
  3. Zen1337


    I alone must think that people are way way over-estimating the hype for the new realm, one thing for sure eventualy its going to be merged into old nost/elysium anyway as its the main realm for the both communities from start. Myselfe I just dont have the time to start again as I did already get to lvl 30 on the reboot, I dont belive in the whole illusion of even play field or not " playing catch up "
  4. Zen1337

    Lupos raremob

    Lupos the rare mob in duskwood
  5. Zen1337

    Lupos raremob

    Anybody knows what is hes respawn time? Is it worth going through all the hasssle to tame him? Currently Im using the Rake :<
  6. Zen1337

    Will the hype burn out ?

    Releasing new servers is not a good idea yes If anybody is familiar with the Lineage 2 private server scene. It can totaly Ruin the whole community creating thousands of server hoppers... or at least its WWaaay way to early
  7. Zen1337

    Will the hype burn out ?

    IT will balance itselfe out but I think new servers is not a good idea when so many people started already. I personaly cant be bothered starting again and see no point, since we have an amazing population, and servers are stabilized right now. also all hype eventual dies out. But this one will be on for a very long time. secondly 300k people singed petition over extented period of time what you see now with 20k + online a good number since 90% of the people proly play 2 hours not 24 / 7 lol, there is id say 100k+ active players estipmating on this, No to new servers from me.
  8. Everytime I get disconect on my ISP, I have to wait like 20 minutes before my Account can be logged again, getting: Login > Authenticated > Handshaking > Disconnected. I presume its becaouse my character is still on the server and there is a timer that will kick it after certain ammount of time? Characters should be kicked after max 5 minutes imho, OR At least get auto KICKED when someone is trying to login. At the moment with the LOOOONNG authenication time and retriving character list LAGS it takes 30 m + to get back into game for me. Change character auto log out from server to shorter or allow the chars to get kicked on Login attempt ,,, If you get my drift