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  1. Calmyr

    Missing item after Anathema merge

    Good morning. Any news regarding this issue?
  2. Calmyr

    Missing item after Anathema merge

    Thank you very much, I appreciate that you are willing to review and listen to my kind and humble request. May I send you a pm on Discord, Zancon? So that I may present my evidence and discuss the matter?
  3. Dear Elysium staff. First of all; thank you for bringing back our Anathema characters, great job! Applaus and pat on the back for all the developers. Now, I have one simple request regarding missing item. My warrior started on Nostalrius in the summer of 2015. The guild I was a part of started raiding, clearing MC, Onyxia and was ready for BWL when it launched in september/october of 2015. After raiding BWL for about 6 months, I finally got my Elementium Reinforced Bulwark. The date was 6. april 2016. After the transfer from Nostalrius to Elysium I noticed several items were missing. Of course some items would be lost, due to the fact that items we received after the timestamp of when the database was saved. I would like to point out that items I received AFTER the Elementium Reinforced Bulwark are still on my character today on Nighthaven. This would suggest that the database was saved AFTER I received the Elementium Reinforced Bulwark from Chromaggus. I wish to provide you with more evidence on Discord, if someone from the staff can help me. If needed, I can have several people, who attended that specific raid on the 6th of april 2016, to verify I got the item as well. Thank you in advance for bringing back our old characters, and keep up the good work! Best regards, Calmyr.
  4. Calmyr


    Superb job. Special thanks to developers for their hard work! Quick question: will there be a notification going out to the accounts on Anathema with the news of the merge with Nighthaven? I'm thinking there is a large number of players who would want to come back to Elysium when they get their characters back.
  5. Calmyr

    Anathema character

    Greetings! The preparations are being made as we speak. They will announce the merging of the Anathema server with Nighthaven any day now, and when that happens, you will have your character back. Im in the same boat as well, so I would recommend you to keep watching their discord and the announcements-channel. Have shiny day!
  6. Calmyr

    Transferred charachter from Nostalrius

    You guys are awesome, I wish you the best of luck and I think I speak for everyone when I say that you are doing a great job!
  7. Calmyr

    Transferred charachter from Nostalrius

    Anyone who knows if we have an ETA on the merge from Anathema into Nighthaven?
  8. Calmyr

    Transferred charachter from Nostalrius

    Thank you very much. Great service! 😄
  9. Calmyr

    Transferred charachter from Nostalrius

    I do not remember which realm I played on, but I can not find my charachter, so I will assume the charachter will be restored in January. Is it possible for you to find out which realm the charachter was on?
  10. Dear admin, I remember when Nostalrius shut down how disappointed I was, however I was extremely happy when you resurrected the server on Elysium. Back then I transferred my charachter from Nostalrius to Elysium. Level 60 human warrior, Calmyr. Me and my guild quit playing, sadly. But I now was wondering why this charachter does not exists. Can you please help me? Best regards Calmyr
  11. Calmyr

    Missing item

    Hello. I am missing atleast one item from Nostalrius Begins when I now have transferred to Elysium. The missing item I know for sure I am missing is Elementium Reinforced Bulwark from Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair. Please restore this item for me. More items might be missing, but I only care about this particular item. Everything else is in order. Here a screenshot of my charachter on Nostalrius Begins: