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  1. BusinessOrc

    Disconnection permanently

    It's still disconcerting to have it happen.
  2. BusinessOrc

    Constant disconnects after downtime.

    I've also just had my account closed...
  3. BusinessOrc

    Disconnection permanently

    I've also just had my account closed...
  4. BusinessOrc

    Constant disconnects after downtime.

    https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/37874-disconnection-permanently/ Additional thread here.
  5. Hey, Myself and a handful of people in my guild are getting constant disconnects of a few minutes every further few minutes. Whats going on here? Ta
  6. You can see the health of friendly players that are in your party or raid and you are within range of. That's it.
  7. The codes only last 20 seconds, after the 20 second window is over the codes wont work anymore. Furthermore having two-factor authentication on the same machine as you use to access the account almost nullifies the protection two-factor authentication provides if your machine is compromised. However winauth looks great, open-source is always the way to go.
  8. BusinessOrc

    How can we deal with this?

    I forgot to add that this was on the Zeth'Kur realm.
  9. BusinessOrc

    How can we deal with this?

    Considering I can add a picture, Yes. This doesn't require immediate attention,
  10. BusinessOrc

    How can we deal with this?

    Na, don't want to bog them down with unhelpful tickets.
  11. Apologies if this is posted to the wrong place. I've gotten one of these emails per day for 4 days now. Can we ban this person? Moreover, adding this person to my ignore list does nothing to prevent this? Can this be changed at all? Thanks
  12. BusinessOrc

    Addon help please

    Hey, I'm not sure where you are getting your add-ons from but I've seen people using prat and foobar perfectly. I'd recommend wim for whispers if that's what you are looking for, Shirsig maintains and has produced quite a few excellent mods. Below you can also find the a-z database of mods you might have overlooked. Everything I have used from there has worked for me. A-Z Database Scrolling Battle Text (This is your only option for a currently updated SBT) Dynamic Portraits and more (Luna Frames) Shirsig I hope this went some way towards helping. If the Lua errors persist you can always install "Improved Error Frame" which suppresses them.
  13. BusinessOrc

    [addon help] Bongos

    The same way you set keys to normal action bars. In the key bindings menu.
  14. BusinessOrc

    [Request] Gatherer With Full Database

    The only data base I have found is incomplete and incorrect. I was told the nodes for these servers were randomised and my in-game play seems to confirm that theory. https://github.com/jsb/Gatherer/archive/master.zip (This version of gatherer is the most updated one I can find)
  15. BusinessOrc

    Show party as raid

    You can try SRaidFrames https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByAxutR4jmqfRVdQdV96ODlFWVk