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  1. In search of a committed Holy Paladin to join our core, ideally with pre-raid bis or better. Get in touch or apply at http://synergy-ed.shivtr.com/
  2. Barrek

    ... of Proficiency (+ Axe Skill) <Alliance>

    I didn't think so either, but I saw someone selling a green +7 axe cloak on Alliance a week ago.
  3. Fully stacked on all classes currently, exceptional and social applicants always welcomed regardless
  4. Barrek

    [A] WTB Sulfuron Ingots

    still buying
  5. Barrek

    [A] WTB Sulfuron Ingots

    bump, still buying
  6. Barrek

    [A] WTB Sulfuron Ingots

    As the title says, am looking to purchase any Sulfuron Ingots you may have. Whisper Barrek or Beanzuh in-game or PM me here.
  7. Looking for a potential tank/dorf priest!
  8. <Synergy> EU/NA | Progressive PvE / Social | Wednesdays and Sundays GMT+1, additional alt raids on Thursdays all at 19:45 ST | A friendly and experienced core that clear content efficiently within a social community that has lasted over 3 years across various servers | Apply at http://synergy-ed.shivtr.com/ or join our discord
  9. Hi Atreyu, apply at http://synergy-ed.shivtr.com/. Thanks!
  10. LF active and committed prot warrior to join our raid core, get in touch!
  11. Looking for a priest to join the band of misfits below. http://i.imgur.com/d7lvKu2.jpg
  12. First MC pug/alt raid clear time; 112 minutes, top DPS; Mannenmyten. Next pug scheduled for Thursday 27th of July.