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  1. smokeit

    I like this person

    Whats a gangplank
  2. smokeit

    Character restore

    Setup 2FA. And with recent tou changes, they may restore something.
  3. smokeit

    How good is Felstriker for DW Fury Warrior

    On rogues its insane, pretty sure fury warrior can do better?
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaand suddenly people stop crying that shit took too long because it actually didn't take that long. Whats the next hate on ELY?
  5. smokeit

    Summoning Stones

    Don't forget outland, that was planned for vanilla too
  6. smokeit

    Rogue RFD Farming pp

    Nice stuff
  7. Keep us updated! I'm curious how it will resolve :)
  8. smokeit

    In Dreams quest.

    You actually have to hand it in at the final tower where the story/script/fighing takes place. What you can do now (what I did) is wait for a group to do it, be the 6th guy to help out and then deliver quest if the final guy comes in. (Tyrion if I am correct). Or do what a horde hunter at that same moment did, wait around untill us guys finished it and walk to the NPC to deliver quest.
  9. smokeit

    salty perplexity

    Who and who? What? Can someone explain this to me?
  10. smokeit

    Mind Quickening Gem, AV and you

    Took me 5 minutes to see the difference lol
  11. smokeit

    reclaimed pets

    Yeah you can retame him, its not a 1time tame.
  12. smokeit

    Rolled a Human Priest

    Why does that matter? :s
  13. smokeit

    Can't Scroll Down to Accept Terms and Agreement

    Try pressing alt + enter, this puts the game in windowed mode, maybe it will resolve that way.
  14. smokeit

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    I hope Zeth'Kur just stays as it is now. BUT, if not, and you do decide to 'kill' zeth'kur off, Just let the Zeth'Kur players choose. Let them pick one of the 3 realms, this evenly spreads out the ZK playerbase and will have less impact on the other servers economy.
  15. smokeit


    What is your internet provider? For me (Netherlands with a 220 mbit up/down fibre connection) I don't have any problems.
  16. smokeit

    .exp .bg NostPvPdead, etc

    Ah that is not possible in vanilla :(
  17. smokeit

    Is tanking difficult?

    Oh I totally agree :). Just wanted to add a lame joke :p
  18. smokeit

    Make wow look better

    Those will get you banned yes. You see, they edit certain files which the anticheat will detect. Because things like this: You can edit some files so that the floor above C'thun is gone, giving you easy access to the fella.
  19. smokeit

    .exp .bg NostPvPdead, etc

    Go play retail if you want easy xp.
  20. smokeit

    How is "Ninja" defined?

    Of course a night elf druid playing on the ely realm wants to need on an item they're not gonna equip but sell. "Oh I can't use this item, the other guy in my group could really use it as a good upgrade, fuck it ima need roll on it and sell/vendor the item for a lil gold" This is one of the reasons zeth'kur should never be merged with elysium. In ZethKur your name matters and your name is known. In elysium its a free-ass bullshit need party where your name gets forgotten.
  21. smokeit

    Vanilla Map with no fog?

    Hm, keep me updated, I'd like it too. (Never knew it existed).
  22. smokeit

    Is tanking difficult?

    Also, if you die, you can always blame the healer or dps.
  23. smokeit


    Stop slacking, go gather more resources!