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  1. I made a gnome mage. I'm new to Vanilla wow. I would like to join a helpful guild if possible.
  2. ragnarvor

    Just made Character on nethergarde

    Thank you! I joined discord and will look there. I'm still in the starting zone but I have a guy on Nighthaven that is level 25
  3. ragnarvor

    Team Blackout YouTube Channel

    The Black Out from Age of Conan?
  4. ragnarvor

    Server Life

    Good to hear this.
  5. ragnarvor

    New Person Having Issues

    I figured out how to connect finally! It took me some time. I was very excited to finally connect and select the realm. Now it put me in a que. I was disconnected. When I attempt to re-log in it is 'authenticating' until I get disconnected again a few moments later. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  6. ragnarvor

    New Person Having Issues

    Nvm I finally got in. I get disconnected all the time though.