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  1. Onamius

    [H] Fresh(PvP) -=Infelix=-

    Hi Vlad! How many members does the guild have so far?
  2. Onamius

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Well then it's settled! :D I'll be playing my priest on the 7th! (if it doesn't crash ofc :P) Applied on the website as well with my character name: Necrod I'll be on Discord tomorrow if anyone wants to have a chat ^^ Greetz, Onamius/Necrod
  3. Onamius

    <Authentic> (H) NA Progression Guild EST

    Hi Weemann, Authentic sounds like an awesome guild! I was thinking about starting a shadow priest on the new server. The use of which is often challenged in an raiding environment. What is your view on this matter? Regards, Onamius