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  1. Heglamore

    Zandalarian Hero Charm replacement

    Updated: GM Satumian got to my page and escalated my ticket: https://gyazo.com/1667863083e065ac4726071379e6c75e Just received an update from GM Satumian; that my ticket / item restoration que may be deleted an additional time during the upcoming maintenance tomorrow. https://gyazo.com/69fe16d86856c21b71d58e0eea4cad20
  2. Heglamore

    Zandalarian Hero Charm replacement

    I am re-opening my trouble-ticket again after the server restart.
  3. Heglamore

    Zandalarian Hero Charm replacement

    I have re-opened my in-game ticket; https://gyazo.com/46f4aa800d0a42d6dc84529dd487f0e1
  4. Heglamore

    Zandalarian Hero Charm replacement

    Muchos Gracias.
  5. Heglamore

    Zandalarian Hero Charm replacement

    My in-game ticket has been closed without any in-game-mail or any notice from the game masters. I am returning to this post as instructed. There are simply not enough game masters on Anathama to handle these tickets while I am online, even though I was online for a total of 7 hours yesterday and another 5 today... and now they are simply deleting the tickets which read precisely as the screen shot above displayed. I received no in-game mail, and have no idea as to what game master was handling this ticket. I request assistance to coordinate a time -- I will arrive at ANY time on ANY day except this Wednesday to have my character's quest completion status examined. I am even online right at this moment and will continue to stay online as often as possible until this can be resolved. I have, over the past week filed three tickets, each of which have been dismissed without dialogue -- but I am unable to see the Heart of Hakkar to loot it, as I have already completed the quest, and have previously owned and used the ZHC for my guild's C'thun kills. I believe someone is using your tool to check my quest status while I am offline (which doesn't work according to the above post I linked)... and simply deleting my ticket when it shows negative for quest status, and doesn't know how to use the tool / system.. unless the quest status on this server is different from: Malachie / Anathama Zandalarian Hero Charm 19950 The Heart of Hakkar 8183 I have received no notice that my in-game ticket has been elevated to another game master; it is simply closed on my end. I no longer have a ticket open. Edit: I apologize if I am a little too verbose, I am trying to provide as much information as possible. My ticket always gets deleted while I am offline, and even posted the time-stamp for when I'd be online, in the message as instructed.
  6. Name: Malachie Class: Human Paladin Server: Anathama My Zandalarian Hero Charm has gone missing, and I would like to have it restored, please. I have made multiple in-game tickets to get this item restored, and have never had an item restored before. Zandalarian Hero Charm 19950 The Heart of Hakkar 8183 - I completed the quest and took that ZHC to Globogym when my old guild broke up. I have made three in-game tickets to try to get this item restored as per this guide: Game Mastes previously told me through in-game mail while I was offline that I had not completed the quest. This game master did not put his signature in the mail. My guild said: "Great! Another main who can pop a heart for raids. We'll push you to the front of the list so you can get it back." And they took me to ZG, and we downed Hakkar: https://gyazo.com/30bdf7d714ddc1035bc21fac6dd698e2 I could not see the heart to loot it, indicating I had already, previously completed the quest-line. The heart was given to another member of the guild. I have put in the following in-game ticket to have my Zandalarian Hero Charm restored, as it is impossible for me to recover it by 'doing the quest' given that the quest is already completed: https://gyazo.com/06c524b3c2c0f100ca2541e86b1d1168
  7. Heglamore


    Because females fit through the WSG Wall. (The Vine/Fence on Alliance side has two points where you can walk through it.) Heglamore was the name of my retail (male) human paladin - when I didn't know better.
  8. PvP happened. I managed to kill you a few times -- and got the first kill on you -- for all those times you killed me when I was level 40. I am glad I was able to prove I could kill you myself before it turned into a guild affair. <3 You used to chase me around when I was level 40ish -- like when I was doing Mauradon, and you corpse-camped our tank until he left. And chased me around Feralas until I realized you were following me while I was streaming. My other Nemesis, Smoofette -- although I killed her when I was level 54 and she was Rank 13 -- didn't make the Elysium transfer. It's good to see a familiar face from Nostalrius -- even if you're no longer wearing the voodoo mask. Sadly, I had to stop streaming because I moved to a place with shitty net between Nostalrius and Elysium. Reason I stood there AFK so long before attacking you was I was going through my V-logs to make sure it was you! xD Honestly kind regards, - Malachie <3
  9. I love his pictures, sir. Theloras -- carry on bro! PvP on the PvP server! I wanna see you stream man! Your shit is funny as fuck. <3
  10. I'm a Holy Paladin. I never have trouble getting groups. I play on this server because it has the longest political history, and I enjoy sifting through some of the drama -- it's fascinating and engaging to me. I like interacting with famous faces, and I enjoy a lot of the server-specific memes. :Jazzl:, :bracketbreaker:, etc. It took me about six months to gear all the way up.
  11. I don't have this problem. As long as you're doing the week-end BG, you'll typically have very short BG's. Middle of the day, you gotta figure out what people are running. Never had a que that long though. Try re-queing? I'm on Alliance.
  12. Heglamore

    Anathema PvP — PvP Itemization Update

    We love you. Thank you for thinking about the motivations of Rank 13's and the number of hours they had to put in. I am not Rank 13... and don't even think I can put in those amount of hours (and I'm retired and don't work) ... but I still believed it an injustice to those individuals and did my best in every instance to weigh in on their behalf; especially with lower ranking admins saying it would not be reverted on both Discord and Forums. These guys sold their souls, and their health for that gear. Making it worse than Rank 10 gear was a nausea-inducing gut-punch for the 40 - 80 hours that some of those guys put in for over a month and a half in some cases. It wasn't just the grind that got them there, often times it was stressful politics week after week with people you despise or who you knew were plotting to betray you. A level of stress the R10 people barely understand as there's virtually no competition for Bracket 3, 4 or lower positions, and I only understand because I tried it in retail, and helped a half-dozen of my friends do it there.
  13. Heglamore


    This is not a vocal minority. This is generation after generation after generation of PvPers who did this soul-crushing grind and got fucked. =/ It isn't blizz-like.. because they didn't nerf the blue PvP gear. The truth of the matter is likely they don't -know- how to fix it in an efficient matter, and they're probably using pieces of the Nostalrius code which they are making changes to. It's why it was only the epic gear reverted, and the blue gear staying post Naxx changes. Which is why they're changing code patch by patch. It was openly stated on this server that the PvP stats wouldn't be reverted, and now they have been. This is how we know they're copy and pasting code.
  14. Yes, Duron -- it's fucked up. BUT? It's Fucked-Up-As-Intended. Why do you think Blizzard changed it? :-P
  15. Heglamore

    Win trading

    I've met one Japanese player who was. I have met some Chinese players who also argue pretty openly against those tactics. I am not a fan of some of the tactics used -- but I know I do have some Chinese players who I have enjoyed playing with who don't deserve (and did not receive) a ban who are not involved in this mess. I disagree with banning all of the Chinese because a few, or even if it was a majority that were 'bad'. Guilty until proven innocent is kinda bullshit.