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  1. Storfan

    Talent tree feedback

    Imp HS if raiding. Imp deflection when lvling or being a tank. You wont use HS that much when lvling so I'd say parry will serve you better from lvl 1-59.
  2. Storfan

    Talent tree feedback

    Peircing howl is incredibly good Nefarian p1, some trash AQ40 and pretty much required in Naxx for Gluth. It's also really nice for have overall in open world grinding, PvP and definitely 5man dungeons. I couldnt live without it honestly.
  3. Okay, thank you for the response. Any specific reason why? Mine was working earlier today until I tried to change but I guess you didnt apply the rule to people whom already had one?
  4. As the title states, has this been changed? I had a .GIF before as my profile picture but now it doesnt work anymore. When I try to choose a GIF as picture I am met with the following error messege: You are not allowed to upload animated images
  5. Storfan

    Wrath 8 set bonus: useful?

    I would like to opinions on my defensive set. lets for the sake of argument assume I'm defcapped in both setups so that is a non-issue. 7/8 t2 + Twin Emps belt vs 8/8 t2.
  6. Storfan

    Hit cap wrong?

    Honestly, it's not like +hit gear is in short supply though.
  7. Storfan

    2HFury Raiding Spec

    As a general rule of thumb dualwield fury will yield better DPS results in a raiding enviroment, especially for alliance. For horde 2h fury is quite powerfull indeed and slam spec in particular. Arms is PvP only, no way around it because MS takes up a debuff slot on boss and it's simply worse.
  8. The only weapons in MC/BWL/ZG content I'd consider for 2h fury are the following: BRE>Sulfuras>Ashkandi>Untamed Blade>Rank14 weapons. If you still wanna go 2h fury, I'd go with Zinrokh over TuF.
  9. Storfan

    Talent tree feedback

    That is quite an interesting find indeed, thanks! TIL.
  10. Storfan

    Hit cap wrong?

    Are you sure those are misses though and not simply dodges or parry? Do you have the logs to back it up?
  11. Storfan

    Talent tree feedback

    It is true that Anger Management is broken and may very well be quite good in its broken state. It all kind of depends on how your rage situation is. As horde with WF totem I cant really say rage is ever an issue.
  12. The people sitting on the data is not affiliated with the project anymore and have no will nor interest in cooperating with Elysium so no, it wont happen. EDIT: Assuming the data hasnt been deleted.
  13. Storfan

    Hit cap wrong?

    Correct, although noone said it did either.
  14. Storfan

    Hit cap wrong?

    BT doesnt require weapons and thus isnt affected by the +hit provided by weapon skill. I think the same applies to Execute but I'm not sure.
  15. Storfan

    Talent tree feedback

    These are in my mind the most efficient builds: 17/34 DW-fury raid spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LbhxbhbZVV0VgxoVo (most common standard cookie-cutter fury build) 20/31 2h-fury raid spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LbhxbIbZVVkVMxoVo (Piercring howl for utility and Gluth in Naxx). 19/32 2h-fury-slam raid spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LbhxbGbZVVzm0EoVo (Advanced and tricky play-style anr requires a swing-timer addon). 20/31 2h-fury lvling spec: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LMhxbIbZVVzIMxoVo (Piercing howl/Bloodcraze adds some survivability and lesser downtime, optimal spec for a lvling warrior in my opinion). all in all there are 1-2 points that could be switched around depending on personal taste.