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  1. One of the big things that made me excited with Felmyst was that they where removing custom chats. People where crying about raids and addons requiring custom chats but they stuck to their guns on it. Removing world chat would be a huge improvement. Creating a chat for trade, barrens, and lfg is terrible. People don't use trade or general. Can you launch with custom chats disabled and we can see how it works?
  2. jmul1212

    Copying Bank toons and low levels.

    So the purpose of this thread was directed at the possibility of Elysium/Anathema converging at same time and possibly having a cross over of realms. It was also directed at a statement above about the first national bank of china. This has nothing to do with rich and poor people. Blizzlike is bringing over everything, i was wondering if there was a way to reduce the gold selling at launch. I guess this went in a bad direction. Lock the thread or something.
  3. The items like spectral tiger and ogre costume If blizzard could flip a switch they would shut this place down in a heart beat. They can't though.
  4. So i looked into it. Elysium would have to do this. 1. Created a Elysium-project.org/alert/index.html to there site. the /alert/index.html is required for the client to accept it and post it. 2. They would have to have the index.html file contain code that would have SERVERALERT: "most recent tweet" 3. players would have to modify the hosts file to have Elysium-Project.org/alert/index.html launcher.worldofwarcraft.com It's actually pretty easily doable from what i read, that could be done without patching the wow.exe. It still requires people to fuck with their hosts file. I know warmane patches there WOTLK server that people download.
  5. They would have to modify the client code, i don't think you can do this through any kind of preferences in config settings. This would be very timely and doesn't work like how you think it would. They essentially have to use a hex editor and fuck around until they can figure out how to make it go from Blizz announcements to there own hosted announcements. If you go to ownedcore.com and ask around in the model editing or something section, you could probably get some who would be able to give you a much better answer than me and they might know how to do it already. The whole private server community over there has a lot of experience and talent. http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?143224-How-to-Win-Editing-quot-BREAKING-NEWS-quot-on-WoW-clients-Arcemu-MaNGOS-Trinity Here is a whole AC-WEB one. Maybe it is easier than im thinking.
  6. Every time make a minimum donation of 5 dollars to hosting the servers or for new hardware they appreciation points. Points build up and you can buy Pets, Mounts, or the other fun Trinkets with them where you will receive a code to use in game. You can't receive more points per account than that of the 5 dollar donation per donation when you guys are looking for the money each month. This will stop people from throwing 100s of dollars at you for a stupid spectral tiger, and will reduce the saturation of it. It will also not be seen as a store because if you do that. Obviously you won't have a problem with people selling codes unless someone wants it ON THE SPOT for cash, because each code will have a dollar mount mandatory to get it. People will however end up selling for gold, which is actually blizzlike and should be decided by the Elysium Staff if it is to be allowed or not. I would personally be against it, like extremely against it. It would be very fun to see the TCG system added.
  7. jmul1212

    Interest in twinking on the TBC server

    Im collecting 39 twink gear to fund people. I have quite a bit BIS, and almost BIS boes.
  8. jmul1212

    Anathema down?

  9. jmul1212

    Race change?

    If you only play 1 class it shouldn't be hard to re-level the new priest.
  10. jmul1212

    Questions about the BC core.

    Are you aware of any information of BC core they are using?
  11. Hit need if you need ffs. Op is stupid.
  12. jmul1212

    Questions about the BC core.

    Where was it launched and used? Any links to more information? Thank you for the responses btw.
  13. How long has it been in development? Any word on Beta launch? 1.5 years? When are you going to show us videos of it. Will it be open source on github? There is 1 question i asked that is the most important, it's a loaded question. For those that understand it, please push for Elysium to answer it.
  14. jmul1212

    Race change?

    I scrolled past your OP and everyone else. I didn't read anything in this thread. You can level your alliance shaman and belf paladin with the rest of the players properly at the launch of TBC.
  15. jmul1212

    Arcanum of Accuracy suggestion.

    This is pretty much my real response to anyone who cries about Vanilla balance and gear.