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  1. Amberwaal

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 06.04.2017

    Well, the problems are both what you yourself identify - People that play on Darrowshire do so because it's PvE - and that ZK is not progressed like Anathema. I doubt most people would want to jump content all that way.
  2. Amberwaal

    Shenna's Resignation

    Sad to hear! Hope you will be fine and do well!
  3. config.wtf will not change anything. Try actually deleting the whole WTF folder (back it up first, or just move it out of the WoW folder).
  4. Amberwaal

    2FA Code not working

    This is the correct way of restoring your 2FA. Please make sure that the authenticator reports the "account" as "Elysium Project (USERNAME)" Is there any possibility that you have had more than one setup of 2FA from Elysium, and that you have scanned the wrong QR code now?
  5. Amberwaal

    Bride of The Embalmer Quest Not Working

    No, they don't handle bug reports, but if you need to make a GM ticket, use the "stuck" option.
  6. Amberwaal

    Account closed ..?

    Sounds to me like a temporary issue. Does it work now?
  7. Amberwaal

    WoW (English): Torrent WIN "Not working!"

    This old Nostalrius forum page has some good links. http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=2803#p25865
  8. Amberwaal

    Huge Fps drop after installing ClassicMacros

    Try setting the dedicated memory for addons to a much higher level. Like 999 Mb for example.
  9. Amberwaal

    Broke Phone & Authentication Code

    If you haven't deleted the verification email with the QR code, you will be fine. Search your mailboxes for "elysium".
  10. Amberwaal


    Did you type in the password wrong?
  11. Amberwaal

    Password change

    I believe you can also change your password in-game by using the command: .account password oldpass newpass newpass
  12. Amberwaal

    IP Lock email re-send?

    If you do not have the authenticator, and have lost your backup email (with the QR code), you are in trouble I'm afraid. :( What I hear, a text will be added to the enabling screen to make people more aware that they should keep the email safe (or print it).
  13. Amberwaal

    WoW starts a launcher, not the game

    Google wow.exe 1.12.1 and I belive you will find one.
  14. Amberwaal

    Trying to create account on elysium project

    You can play without confirming... The email seems to be wonky for a lot of people.
  15. Amberwaal

    WoW starts a launcher, not the game

    Re-download / copy the game :)