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  1. I just finished my second rogue video. It was recorded over 13 months and took hours to edit, but I'm glad with the result. Enjoy. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOWSLwM4ojY
  2. Haha, nice. "Trees don't rain you idiot!"
  3. Frombehindyo

    Frost mage PvP in STV - Nantekotta 1

    got it, thanks
  4. Hey guys, I just made this mage pvp vid. I have spent hours on editing and taking care that the music fits well with the gameplay. It also has entertaining stuff like mc helmet and other engi items. I think it turned out pretty well, but maybe I overdid it a bit with editing? What do you think? Any feedback is appreciated, as it helps me to make better videos in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keHMRL4PkL8
  5. Frombehindyo

    Leveling dilema

    I don't agree. A full gouge can be considered costing no energy, because while they are gouged you reg the energy that you used for it. So it's basically a free combopoint. Dmg wise two hemo are around the same as one backstab, but with hemo you get one combopoint more. If you don't use it much then you don't have to take it. But to be honest I think you should start using sap more often - it's great. Looks good, but why no ghostly strike? It's great with setup and takes only one talent point. I'd even take it without having setup.
  6. Frombehindyo

    Leveling dilema

    It's really hard for me to answer this questions... and I have only levled one rogue so far and then just played a ton of pvp with him. But I will try to answer: 1. gear wise there is no big difference between the specs and you should play what you like more. Dagger is probably a little bit weaker with bad gear (but not much) and that is mainly because at times it is difficult to find a good dagger. But don't let that hinder you. 2. I personally couldn't find a good stunlock build that I liked... I guess they get more viable the more talent points you have. You can start thinking about playing stunlock when you hit lv30 and have kidney. Prep seems good for the extra restealths and hemo for adding a combo point for only 35 energy. Dirty deeds is also sweet... See what you can make out of it. Something like my build 4 would probably be a good basis for a stunlock build. I just played it bursty instead of stunlocky because I am full geared and my ambush deals huge dmg, so I prefer to open with ambush. However, with lower gear cheap shot may be a better option. The prep spec can stunlock pretty well if you really want to. With prep you have 2 vanish and 2 blind. In 1v1 that's 4 restealths and you should be able to win almost any duel, no matter if you open with cheap shot or ambush and even with bad gear. That's why I like prep the most, because it gives you many options. 3. I see backstab as your main dmg source and would get imp backstab first (maybe remorseless attacks first if you go that route). Also don't underestimate imp gouge, especially in PvP. It give you more time to bandage, reg energy and you might even be able to restealth. Hope it helped, but keep in mind that I don't have that much experience regarding leveling. After all I'm playing mainly PvP.
  7. Frombehindyo

    Leveling dilema

    Your first build is better in pvp but worse in pve. Because you have stunlocks and prep, which is good especially when you pvp with your mage friend. This is similar to my build number 1, but without dagger. It has the difference that you sacrifice a little bit of damage in favor of getting cheaper attacks (which means more combo points). Your second build is better in pve but worse in pvp. Because you have neither prep nor imp sprint you can get kited easier and your attacks cost 60 energy so its harder to build up combo points for kidney shot. On the positive side, you now have higher damage. It's like my build number 3. I noticed you put 5 points in camouflage. Imo 3 points are enough. I'd put the other points in elusiveness or ghostly strike. Ghostly strike is especially great in combination with evasion. Other than that, both of your builds look good :) It seems like you want both dagger and sword, and well: you can! Luckily imp ambush is in the same tree like hemo, so you can take both. This way you can open with ambush and then switch your weapon to sword and play hemo. My Build 4: Ambush hemo It is very similar to my build 1. Your ambush is exactly the same, and instead of backstab you use hemo. The only difference is you switch to a slow weapon after ambush and use hem instead of backstab. 2 hemo will do around the same damage like 1 ambush did in my build 1. So you spend 10 energy more for the same dmg. Upsides: -you get 1 combo point more, -you have 2 talent points more available (the ones from imp backstab) -you don't need to get behind your target anymore -you made 2 attacks instead of 1, so a higher chance for poison procs Downsides: -Costed 10 more energy -You need 2 good weapons instead of just one: a dagger and a sword/mace -You need to switch weapons. It may be annoying and you will notice a small gcd when switching weapons -No more two-shotting lowies with ambush + backstab *sad panda ;( * http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fZhbMZqMhschoo The points in the combat tree can be put in another tree if you like, but I prefer the gouge and hit. Here is the build in action. The playstyle is actually very much like my build 1:
  8. Frombehindyo

    Leveling dilema

    I got around 16k HK with my lvl39 rogue and have experimented with many different builds, so here is my take on it. The simple answer is this: Just choose prep and you should do well in pvp, no matter if you choose dagger or hemo. Both works! However especially for dagger it's important to have a good, slow main hand. If you play dagger in pve, you must get the backstabs. To get behind the mob either use gouge, have your mate take aggro or use the trick where you jump through the mob and then in the air quickly turn around and spam backstab. It takes some practice but it's possible to hit mobs this way before they turn around. The more detailed answer is: Many different things can work, just experiment a lot. Personally I prefer dagger because it's more fun. Here are my personal dagger builds. All of them try to maximize the dmg of ambush and backstab. Your talents will provide the high crit chance, and your gear should provide high dmg when you crit - which means gear with attack power is optimal. Agility + Stamina also works well through. Build 1: Dagger prep These is my favorite 39 dagger pvp spec. I used it for almost a year now and it really excels in PvP when you have prep ready and know how to use your cds. It has Imp ambush, imp backstab with opportunity and serrated blades for more dmg. Prep has 10 min cd but helps a lot, especially with imp sap you can cc them very well. Yes, no hit sucks sometimes. Missing ambush can be annoying. Missing blind can be annoying. I may make you think "daaaamn I should have taken the hit talent!!!" but it's not that bad - you have two blind and two vanish. Just use on of them and it balances out. Want to take on multiple enemies at the same time? Want to do nice things like vanish sap? Then this is your build. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fZhfZqMhscho Build 2: Dagger imp sprint Imp sprint, endurance and precision means you have low cd and finally a high percentage to hit. This makes you very consistent and strong in non-stop fighting. Do you hate to miss and want to be less dependent on cds? Want to use imp sprint to rape mages? Then this is the build for you. You still have imp ambush and imp backstab, which means you have similar damage output like the build above. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fZhfVbbZVMhc Build 3: Assassination: Backstab cold blood This build is possibly the weakest for pvp, because it lacks both imp sprint and prep. However it has the highest potential for huge burst damage. That makes it valueable for both pve and pvp. Maybe it's even the best leveling spec of those 3. It has Lethality, which means that once you maxed out opportunity your backstab hits higher than with the other specs. In addition to that, backstab (well, any attack) crits 5% more often. The high backstab dmg really is what makes this build work. Eviscerate crits are also high now with Lethality + imp evsiceration. So cold blood eviscerate is good burst for only 25 energy. Cold blood ambush is also great vs cloths. Pooling energy and using thistle tea I managed to do around 2k dmg in a kidney at level ~35 like this: -building combo points and kiting to get energy -when you are full energy do full kidney. Now he is stunned and you have 100 energy (relentless strikes ftw) + 100 energy if you use thistle tea -backstab, [wait for energy tick] backstab, tea, backstab. This are 3 backstabs in a row and you still have 40 energy left. -finish with cold blood eviscerate or wait for the next tick and backstab again. This build has no imp ambush, but remoresless attacks will be similar. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#fGeooxzZhfZz This build is also good at the earlier levels: simply get imp backstab and remoresless attacks, then build up the assassination tree. After level 39, the next talent points go into opportunity, imp ambush and prep (like build 1) or into precision and imp sprint (like build 2). In the vid below you can see clips where I use all 3 of these specs. You can see in the bottom row 2nd icon which build it is. If it's empty then it is imp sprint, otherwise it's cold blood or prep.
  9. Frombehindyo

    Level 40 gold help!

    Ikr. On a more serious note, you could farm elemental earth. I dont know the prices on Eylsium or how much farmed it is, but on Anathema they go for around 3g each. Or just continue leveling without mount and buy it later, this is not uncommon in vanilla and might be even faster than farming gold.
  10. Frombehindyo

    Level 40 gold help!

    Buy gold Get banned Roll druid Travel form ??? Profit
  11. Zappa is totally right, since AQ released the low level bgs are totally dead, I didn't even see a single bg open the last month. In the past we used to twink together and both 29 and 39 was active but now there is not a single twink there at all (they all quit or rerolled on elysium). I ocassionally still wPvP in STV, there are still players leveling and the world isn't dead but it used to be more active. Everyone just cares about endgame content now. So go for anathema only if you like the lower population and the endgame.
  12. Frombehindyo

    30 - 39 Thread

    I try to make a group for this saturday at 16:00 or 17:00 ST but idk how many I can find.
  13. Frombehindyo

    30 - 39 Thread

    Yea lets do it! 16:00 ST would probably be the best. Next time we shall bring a better group
  14. Frombehindyo

    30 - 39 Thread

    Thanks for coming everyone. It would have been more fun if the teams were more balanced, but it was cool to see som many player participate and props to you for making such a strong group. Hopefully next time we'll have a better class composition and can do something against your healer. Sure lets organize more games, but next week I can't play since I have to work. Maybe we can play in two weeks? At a later time is fine.
  15. Frombehindyo

    30 - 39 Thread

    come online bro