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  1. Powerfulnoun

    Elysium Q & A Weekly Answers! / 14.04.2017

    lol, refuse to fix pvp. refuse to fix this shit. You people are a fucking cancer killing your own goddamn server, glad to see it go.
  2. You can tell by the guild leaders response to my post that this person is clearly the picture of maturity.
  3. I was randomly invited to this guild standing outside of BRD a few days ago. They seemed like chill relaxed people. A few days later a friend of mine (who was new to vanilla) gquit after being treated very poorly by an officer, so I talked to an officer about it and I was also gkicked after going offline with no word of warning. The people leading this guild, more specifically Bal, isn't suited to lead a guild, doesn't understand how to handle people and should generally be avoided if you're looking for a quality experience. Many much better more friendly guilds out there.
  4. Powerfulnoun

    A guide to Feral druid PVE Dps - By me!

    Wortgewandt has said it's 20, I'll assume he's knowledgeable on the subject considering his raid experience as feral. I've updated the description in my video to reflect that it should be 20 agi per 1% crit.
  5. Powerfulnoun

    Shapeshift Macros

    The addon ez-dismount, which everyone should be using so you don't have to manually remove yourself from the mount, will also shift you out of forms by pressing any other button not usable in the form you're currently in.
  6. Powerfulnoun

    A guide to Feral druid PVE Dps - By me!

    As far as I can tell you should not be using rake at all, not only does it waste a debuff slot it scales pretty poorly making it not worth the energy in pve. Great for pvp though.
  7. Powerfulnoun

    A guide to Feral druid PVE Dps - By me!

    Thanks for your post, I've seen a lot of your raid stats when looking for proper druid information, and the below poster is right this was for Elysium pvp, I'll update the stats accordingly in the video to properly reflect the agi for crit.
  8. Powerfulnoun

    A guide to Feral druid PVE Dps - By me!

    Hey man thanks for your reply, ferocity is 100% useless for dps since you're only using shred and ferocious bite I'm not sure how you can make that argument. Bash is incredibly useful in pve becaue most feral dps will end up offtanking in certain situations so the increased stun is worth, you lose no dps by taking it. Omen is 10, I didn't realize I said 15 until after I finished the vid but thank you for noting the mistake or me. I posted dumplings as the best food for dps but I couldn't confirm if they'd be in on elysium pvp or not since there's no list of available gear/enchants/items etc up and I thought dumplings came in a later patch, however they are in the video as best. I was still stacking juju might and firewater until just before the server went down on my hunter for dps, when was this changed? Also can you link me to a confirmation that 20 agi is 1% crit, even when stacking the stats myself it takes around 60 agi to get 1% crit.
  9. Powerfulnoun

    A guide to Feral druid PVE Dps - By me!

    If you have any corrections to this guide please let me know as I'd like for it to be 100% accurate, thank you!
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for information on what enchants will be available on Elysium pvp in it's current state and I'd also like ot know if buffs will be stacking like when nost first came out - and by that I mean using all elixirs + juju's etc to stack big stats. Thanks!
  11. Powerfulnoun

    Want to get into druid pvp? Look here.

    Thanks man!
  12. Powerfulnoun

    Want to get into druid pvp? Look here.

    Hello fellow druid lovers, my name's Powerfulnoun and I've made a few video guides on druids including a tanking guide and a pvp guide, come and check out my channel if you're interested in this type of content!
  13. What's going on Nostalrius and Elysium friends, I'm trying to get into content creation and guide making, if you're looking for info on vanilla wow, or want to watch some dank duels/pvp come by and check me out!