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  1. Lehman Russ

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    We are all (presumably) merging in to a server with a much higher population than our own; therefore, the number of available slots for ranking up increases. More people can achieve higher ranks. /violin
  2. Lehman Russ

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    Your arguement about time investment is completely negated by the fact that this game is free. Get over it.
  3. Lehman Russ

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    Nobody is saying you have to play that much. Lol @ people still trying to take this game seriously after 14 years. Come on.
  4. Lehman Russ

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    You make some valid points but I am one of those people who is looking at the bigger picture. Sure I myself do not have much to lose at the present time, given that I am only rank 3. However it is my point of view that it's only a minor hiccup when looking at 6-10 months down the road. One week is hardly going to make a difference. I am certain that they wish to play it safely and make sure the transfers do not screw anything else up on Elysium and make matter worse. They are a volunteer team that are giving you a free game to play; optional donations if you wish to contribute to the project at the end of the day, they are also real people, with lives of their own and families. I know this is difficult for people to understand given that Blizzard paid people to do that kind of thing; it was part of their business model. The 'Blue' team that is before you today only has so much time in a day with limited resources. They try their best and sometimes they too make mistakes. I think that many of the haters need to tone things down a bit and be more appreciative having a team of volunteers that cares about their project. Yeah there's lot of bugs and some of these problems are time consuming to fix or can not be fixed. But is the community going to always see the negative things? Or can we move past it and focus on the positives?
  5. Lehman Russ

    Zeth'Kur rankers screwed

    And how is that? They didn't lock you out of the battle ground the week before the transfer. You should have grinded enough honor to climb before the transfer. It's your fault if you didn't, not the GMs. Be grateful that they offered you the transfer in the first place in addition to a choice of the other 3 realms. Zeth Kur rankers would have been much more screwed by the shut down if they had to re-level characters and no transfers were provided. And yes, I am one of those Zeth Kur rankers that you speak of.
  6. Lehman Russ

    Someone HELP ME!

    Have you correctly modified the "Realmlist.wtf" document in your game directory? Also, when you download a torrent, typically it is in a compressed format. Have you tried extracting the file with a program such as 7-Zip? The archive of your download will be located at C:/Users/<Name of your machine>/Downloads
  7. Lehman Russ

    Is Racism bannable?

    Yes racism in open world chat is against the ToU. Open a ticket with screenshots and a GM will review it.
  8. Lehman Russ

    I got scammed

    Open a ticket in game if you feel you were scammed. Be sure to include your screenshot there and a GM will assist you.
  9. Lehman Russ

    Cant speak

    You have to open a ticket in-game if you want the GMs to help you.
  10. Lehman Russ

    Help! My pet is running away

    What Hexygon said. I personally like to keep two stacks of the best food that the pet can eat. You will never use the full two stacks before it hits loyalty level 6, (unless you constantly let him die). Addons such as Luna Unit Frames are very good at reflecting pet's happiness and if you always keep it in the green, it will never run away. Also, if you dismiss the pet right after the tame you will not lose more than 50 happiness. (Pet happiness ticks at 35 for 10 ticks for best level food, giving a maximum of 350 happiness per feed) If you want to see this for yourself, watch your combat log as you feed it.
  11. Lehman Russ

    [Solution] Mail Gold Spam

    Yeah, that's never going to happen. IP masks, proxies and a plethora of other methods would be employed to get around it for both the people being banned and the farmers selling the gold. So long as a market exists where people buy gold, you will always have someone there to fill the gap and supply it. Hence the term "Supply and Demand".
  12. Lehman Russ

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    That's what I was aiming at with my post. And yeah you can't (PvP wise) mitigate Lupos damage with armor as you stated. You need Shadow Resistance for that.
  13. Lehman Russ

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    What you didn't take in to consideration is that BT has a 1.0 Attack Speed. Lupos is 2.0 This means that BT literally gets two attacks to Lupos' one.
  14. Lehman Russ

    Zeth'Kur down?

    Cummon people I have Lupos to level; only 14 more to go for him to catch up :p
  15. Lehman Russ

    Zeth'Kur down?

    Except you failed to read that that post was made a week ago.