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  1. just solo farm maraudon(goblin - princess - croc, you need the scepter for it) first id recommend you a tank pet like a boar and get it to lvl 60 and loyalty 6. you can get a level 60 board with max rank charge in the eastern plaguelands(at the top left) and can just idle with it to get it to loyalty 6(dont forget to feed it tho, but once you reach loyalty 3 you can basically just afk and check in every hour or so to feed it) both the attunement(scepter) and farm can be done with bad gear(done it myself), you just have to practice it a bit and probably want lots of mage food/water since you will need to feign/drink at princess often, since you cant dps her down quickly enough without healing your pet often. might not be a bad idea to start out with a few cheap buff scrolls and maybe pots, but you wont need anything once you get used to it. i think even if you are slow you will def make at least that 25/h but once you can do it properly( about 5 runs/hour, but 4 are okay aswell) you will probably make 40-50g/hour on average(it depends on the itemdrops, some sell for more some for less, having disenchanting will help you a bit with the bad selling items or the ring that is unique lootable) there should be a topic in the hunter forums, and raziya's topic(its a sticky) has a link to some tutorials for that. keep in mind you will need to adapt a bit since he has decent gear, but like i said its easily doable and profitable once you get the hang of it, even with starter gear.
  2. Hello! I've come across a few different, and in my opinion incorrect info about (pre Raid) BiS gearing so i'd like to hear some more opinions about the matter. While values of stats should be based on your current stats, there should be generalized rules when it comes to comparing 2 pieces of equipment for their stats, that shouldn't be too off their real value. For the sake of this we assume that we are hitcapped, since i don't want to go too deep into the matter and we also assume we have a pretty common MM specc with 20/31/0, but i guess even small deviations shouldn't make too much of a difference unless we specc into the agility talent. Also for the sake of it we're talking about horde, who don't have access to any skills like BoK, which increase your stats by a certain percentage. The relevant stats here are agi, ap(or RAP) and crit, we don't want to deal with hit, int, or any kind of other stat/setbonus. If im not completly mistaken the value of a point in crit in AP will increase with better gear/tiers, so 1% crit with BWL gear should be equal to a bit more AP than 1% crit with MC/pre raid BiS gear. Since Elysium isn't even on 1.4 Patch yet, im especially interested in the values for the limited pre raid BiS(since there's a lot of items in dungeons that are not in that patch yet) and t1 items. So how much AP would 1% crit be, and how much AP is 1 point in agi(since agi does not only provide 2 RAP but also crit, it should be 2.x) I've tried reading that up a bit, testing it and try it with my own calculations and i've come to the conclusion that 1% Crit ~ 30 AP, and 1 Agi ~ 2,2 AP, but i'd like to hear your opinion on the matter. One thing that's really bugging me is the pre raid BiS helmets. While i fully understand that the Mask of the Unforgiven is the best choice with 2% hit and 1% crit, i can't understand why Eye of Rend with its 2% crit is supposed to be better than the Crown of Tyranny witih 1% crit and 40 AP. While there isn't too much crit on pre raid BiS i simply can't accept that 1% crit would be more damage than 40 AP. Would really appreciate your input on this subject, maybe you also have a pocket rule of thumb when it comes to calculating what gear is better for you.
  3. Trales

    How do Hunter Abilities Scale?

    You use the weapon with the highest weapon dmg, which probably is the slower one if they have same DPS. The reason for that is that both multishot and aimed shot are based on your weapon damage, so you would only get a little extra hit if you have a fast weapon, while you get a big attack with a slow one. Also keep in mind if you have a very slow weapon (for example 3.4) you don't really miss out auto attacks during aimed shot, since it has 3 second cast time, which is not affected by your weapon speed(improved aspect of the hawk, troll racial and rapid fire do reduce cast time on aimed shot and autoshots tho.)
  4. Trales

    AP, Crit, and Hit

    okay thanks, i've seen those calculations before but some had different numbers so i wasn't sure. I'll just get 5% for dungeons/pvp/farming for now and will aim for 8-9 hit once im ready for raids, might have to specc into survival then.
  5. It does increase your attack speed with ranged weapons but afaik the 0.5 second build up time to shoot can't be reduced.
  6. Trales

    AP, Crit, and Hit

    I would also be interested what the hit cap for hunters is now actually. I've seen multiple different calculations for hit cap that suggest its either 8%, 8,6% or 9%. Since hit comes only in full 1% steps, 8,6 and 9% would basically mean the same, just that the difference in the last percent might be worth less if its 8,6%. Based on what i saw for PvP and any mobs that are lvl 61 or lower you only need 5% hit, for lvl 62 you need ~6% and for lvl 63+(including lvl skull mobs) you need the 8-9% cap. Also there seems to be no difference between auto attacks and aimed shot/multi shot, only tranq or arcane shot might have a higher hitcap since they are not physical abilities. Would be cool if someone could confirm the hit caps, maybe someone runs 8% and can tell wether or not he misses any shots. /Edit all the caps and percentages i mentioned are with 300 weapon skill, since + weapon skill from items or racials might influence the calculations.
  7. Trales

    Leveling - Pet choice?

    If you're BM and got Frenzy your pets DPS could be a bit higher with faster attackspeed, but i doubt it's significant unless you get a 2.0+ AS pet that won't be able to keep Frenzy up 100%. I think the most used pets for leveling are boars(decent tank, charge helps with initial threat and can root targets, eats almost everything you find), cats(highest DPS along with raptors, but they can also learn useful abilities like Dash and Prowl, also they usually have high AS which is good for world PvP on these high pop servers) and wolves.(medium tank/dps, but mainly used for Howl which is really good in group content) I've also seen people play with serpents, raptors, or some other defensive pets and saying that it works well and is fun to play. Some people also like Owls, which are only really usable earlier on when you're a Night Elf or go to Teld. Personally i still think they cant compete with boars/cats/wolves, but it shouldn't be that much of a difference, and if you enjoy some of the others more , or care more about style just go for it. I've leveled since about lvl 30 with a cat and it worked really well. Getting one of the 1.2 cats is a good choice since they're basically the best after Broken Tooth.
  8. Trales

    Claw and Bite

    Maybe it's because i'm BM and have better focus reg on pet, but i have growl, bite, and claw on auto and they get used quite regularily. Bite gets used every 10 sometimes 15 seconds, and sometimes i also smash the button when it's off CD to trigger it. Dunno if that actually does do anything but i like to believe it goes off faster that way.
  9. Trales

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Thanks for reuploading, but it still bugs out after 1 or 2 aimed shots. I will try it out again once im 60, where i maybe have to setup some other addons anyway.
  10. Hey! Since im closing in on lvl 60 on new server(Elysium), already got my herbalism to max rank, and also close to maxing out alchemy, i was wondering what kind of consumeable are actually used in max level content. Since MC got already cleared within 2 weeks of the server release, i was wondering if people even use some of these, or if its mostly just a waste of money, and only people who absolutly want to top the DPS charts/whatever buy them. Lets first talk about Flasks: Flask of Supreme Power: + 150 Spell damage Flask of Distilled Wisdom: + 2000 Mana Flask of the Titans: + 1200 HP Flask of Chromatic Resistance: + 25 to all Resistances Now i can see why people would buy the first 3, but the last one seems simply a waste of money for me, as there are probably better ways to get +25 to a resistance, where you probably only need 1 during a raid. But which of the others are used/bought the most? Maybe the HP ones to push your raids MT? Or do you really need that extra mana on healers for certain fight? Or is it mostly the DPS who want to look good, and need an extra push, that could mean the difference between 0 and 2%? Now what about elixirs? Greater Arcane Elixir: + 35 Spell damage Elixir of the Mongoose: + 25 Agi, +2% Crit Mageblood Potion: + 12 MP5 Elixir of Superior Defense: + 450 Armor Elixir of Shadow Power: + 40 Shadow spell damage Elixir of Giants: + 25 Strength Elixir of Greater Intellect: + 25 Int Now i'm not quite sure how many elixirs you can stack, and if there are some that would overwrite each other, but that seemed the most useful ones for me. There's a bunch of hybrid ones, but i would assume you probably want these ones instead. Maybe someone could point out some elixirs that are actually used but not on my list. Which of these are used? I would just assume based on your class/specc you just take 1 or 2 of these that push your main or secondary stat. Now Potions seem pretty clear to me, but maybe im missing something: People probably always will buy the best healing/mana potions, living action potion for pvp and the absorb potions for certain types of spelldamage, for example fire absorb for MC. Not really sure if the Major Troll's Blood Potion or the Potion that gives + 2000 Armor for a short time are actually used, or overwrite some better effects. I guess there are always some situational potions/elixirs that people might buy from time to time, like the invulnerability or invisibility ones, but i'm not quite sure if they are really popular. Would be really cool if you could help me out, and tell me which of these are the most sought/profitable and are worth pumping your herbs into!
  11. I don't know what your problem is, every of your posts is just total BS and you probably didn't even read my post. Thanks to all the others tho, i think i've got somewhat of an understanding how to use my herbs now!
  12. Trales

    First Broken Tooth of the server

    I'm almost sure its 4-5 hours, not 8-9. On the day i tamed him i first say him getting killed at around 0:50, and then saw him spawning at 11:20.(i was camping him with eagle eye on all 3 spots since about 8:30) I saw a post on the forums at around 16:00 that he got killed again, and tamed him myself around 20:00, so 4-5 hours would make sense. Also keep in mind he shouldn't have an exact respawn time, much rather an interval where he can spawn.
  13. Trales

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    I have used to one uploaded on the Nost forums before, but even after downloading and using yours it doesn't work. I have even tried deleting my WTF/Interface/WDB and playing only with the AutoShot addon then, but the castbar still stops showing after a few mobs. I'm using the second highest rank of Aimed Shot without any uses of macros on my normal/primary action bar, i don't really know what the problem is here...
  14. Trales

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Anyone else got major problems with the rais_AutoShot Aimed Shot timer? Since i've played as BM i just recently got AS and the timer doesn't work most of the times. The problem is that after i used Aimed Shot, or other abilities a few times, the Aimed Shot castbar doesn't show anymore and i have no indicator how long i i still need to aim for the ability to be successful. I've already tried to disable all other Addons, and while it worked for a few minutes it went bad afterwards again. I even tried only enabling the AutoShot addon itself, but even then it stops after i kill 1-2 mobs. Does anyone have similar problems or maybe a workaround/fix? Do i need to use another castbar addon that shows the cast for Aimed Shot, since even the standard UI doesn't do that? Have to admit it's really annoying and that functionality would be important for me, it's kinda hard to play otherwise. If nobody has a solution i might even have to delete my whole WTF and set up my interface new once again, to see if it helps, but that would be really annoying obviously.
  15. Trales

    Pet Attack Speeds

    Aren't most people MM or Surv anyway, once they hit 60? Frenzy is pretty deep down in BM. I've actually got BT now and i don't really see any difference between him and my 1.3 tiger who basically had frenzy up almost all of the time, and procced it quite quickly. Don't really understand how that should be more DPS, especially if you're not BM anyway.
  16. Does anyone know the cost of respeccing your pet? Is it similar to respeccing your own talents, or does gold cost cap lower/higher?
  17. While i would be interested in that aswell, since im kinda new to hunter, i have noticed something about different levels of abilities: Lets say ability A costs 20 points for lvl1 and 50 points for lvl 2. If you take rank1, the cost of rank2 will still be shown as 50 points, but you only have to spend 30 points, so there is no cost in upgrading an ability you want to max out anyway while leveling. Also i dont think it's possible to use any lower rank abilities once you have learned a higher rank, or at least i dont find any options for that. It seems that the cd/cost never gets higher so there is hardly any reason to use an upgraded ability(similar to how rogues dont have access to lower ranks)
  18. Trales

    Aspect of the Cheetah talent bug?

    I have only 1 point in that talent and the tooltip says 33%, the buff still says 30% tho. Can't really tell if theres a difference, since i already learned that with lvl 20 or 21, when you get cheetah anyway, but i don't think 3% are that noticeable. maybe look for another hunter without it and try running for 20 seconds to test it out.
  19. Trales

    Current state of Hunter bugs/issues?

    Could you please tell me your macro, i am using Raziya's which only seems to be working if you're targeting the trap target, otherwise pet will continue to keep you in combat. Is Bestial Swiftness working for anyone? I haven't tried respeccing, but i didn't seem to notice a difference when i got lvl 20, and 30% speed increase should be noticeable. Also unless they fixed that, Eyes of the Beat seems to DC you most of the time, i haven't used it since last year tho.
  20. Trales

    Pets need to much food?

    Theres loyalty levels for hunter pets, from 1(worst) to 6(best), and the pet needs less food with every level. The first few hours after taming a new pet are kinda a pain in the ass, but once you hit about LL3 or 4 it gets much better, and with LL6 you don't need to feed your pet for hours(unless it dies ofc). To increase your LL i think you just need to play, get a bit of XP on your pet and then keep it with you. Usually the loyalty level goes up when you're not even doing anything, just running around, i think theres a certain amount of time it needs to be with you after you gained a bit of XP for it to level up.
  21. Trales

    Scumbag Hunter

    Okay thanks, i will just not give a fk about Broken Tooth and rather get a pet that is still decent and looks nice for me.
  22. Trales

    Scumbag Hunter

    i'm actually also talking about "end game content". I understand that every little bit of optimization is good, but i was just wondering if it makes a huge difference(in both pve and pvp) and if people would kinda avoid me since i have a 1.3s pet.
  23. Trales

    Scumbag Hunter

    How much is the difference between having Broken Tooth and a 1.3s speed cat? Personally i dont really like the look of Broken Tooth and the 1.2s Pets(The Rake looks kinda cool tho) and would really prefer tho take a tiger or maybe even a panther but i don't know if the damage difference will be noticeable. I mean i kinda want to play MM later on so i would assume pet damage isn't as big and that small attack speed difference won't be a big deal but maybe it actually is.
  24. Trales

    Pet Attack Speeds

    Thanks i'll go Claw, Bite, Dash then. Prowl would have been nice but i guess Claw/Bite is better DPS, and Dash seems better Utility/Mobility than Stealth.
  25. Trales

    Pet Attack Speeds

    Dont want to create another topic so im posting it here: With a cat pet would you recommend Bite or Claw? Or maybe both? For leveling as BM that is. Thanks in advance!