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  1. SweetRevenge

    Ret Paladin WPvP

    Nice moves in the video. Would you consider go Reckoning Build?
  2. I put up 20 gold on the gold exchange. After a few hours, I noticed that I didn't get any elysium coins, my character is down 20 gold, and I can't find my name on the gold exchange list. Did this happen with anybody else?
  3. SweetRevenge

    TBC Account Transfer - Economy Issues

    I think rain or whoever else that managers this server should reduce the cost of repairing armor, and they should also get rid of the ridiculous deposit when you auction items(the amount of gold that players lose when they don't sell an item is absurd). I have an addon that records how much gold I lose to repairing armor/depositing money in auctions and its so high its embarrassing (the number is literally in the thousands).
  4. SweetRevenge

    Lupos - Still good ?

    Nope, Lupos no longer does shadow damage on this server. Don't waste your time. The highest dps pet in the game at the moment is probably wind serpent. You can get them in windshear crag or shimmering flats
  5. SweetRevenge

    Need Help with Holy Paladin Pre-BiS

    If you wanna know a little secret. Use rank 4 holy light on ally targets with blessing of light. You'll hear for 800 and it costs only 160 mana which is insanely efficient for having no +healing. Using rank 1 holy light on a blessing of light target heals for 500 while only costing 35 mana. The healing to mana ratio is about 13:1 which is absolutely insane, but most people don't know about this. If you wanna know what gear to farm for, you can use realmplayers to look up fellow paladins and see what gear they're currently wearing. One of the best rings you can get is Fordring's seal which is a ring you get from the Tirion Fordring quest chain.
  6. If I had to live in the wow universe, I would be a respec trainer for sure.
  7. SweetRevenge

    Is this server broken?

    I actually have a mod that calculates hit %, parry%, etc. On my paladin versus equal level monsters, I miss about 14% of all my attacks(that includes parry, dodge, etc.), and that is also with no hit% gear/talents.
  8. SweetRevenge

    Illumination Talent not working

    I searched the entire forums about this topic and came up with nothing. Are there no other holy paladins that can confirm this bug? It's ironic because illumination is be the best talent in the paladin holy tree, and the fact that it hasn't been worked for so long shows how gimped holy paladins are.
  9. SweetRevenge

    Illumination Talent not working

    Topic Self explanatory, the illumination talent, which tooltip says "allows the palading to regain base mana cost of a Critical heal from a holy light/flash of light spell". Can any other paladins provide input into how long this talent has not been working?
  10. SweetRevenge

    Reducing Respec Costs

    If I lived in the wow world, I'd want to be a respec trainer.
  11. SweetRevenge

    Lets Talk About 180g for Epic Mount!

    Pre 1.4, you'd have to spend 90 gold to train epic riding and then an additional 900 gold to purchase the epic mount. However, after 1.4, the costs were switched where you'd have to spend 900 gold to train epic riding and then an additional 90 gold to purchase the epic mount. The players who realized that this was going to happen waited until after patch 1.4 to purchase their epic mount for an 800 gold discount.
  12. SweetRevenge

    Riding skill before patch

    when is this patch going into effect?
  13. SweetRevenge

    Nighthaven — Its been 1 month!

    Lol at lemmings. I was banned in Lights Hope so I too am not going back there.
  14. SweetRevenge

    Important Project Update 03.11.2017

    I can't help but think that closing the realm was premature. Surely, there might be a chance albeit a small one that some of the guilds would migrate back.
  15. SweetRevenge

    Important Project Update 03.11.2017

    Seconded, I'm never going back to Lights Hope even if it does have my characters on it. What they did was inherently wrong.