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  1. Tolle

    Editing an addon?

    I'm using Gatherer to store locations for herb spawns. I found a database that already has the herbs, but it also shows nodes for the next zone over which means the addon has to load so many nodes that it bugges out. Does anyone know if it's possible to edit the addon to allow me to, for example [Alt] + [Middle Mouse Button] a node to delete it (which is much faster than the options I have now)? Basically, I need an easier way to clean up all the extra nodes atm - editing the file would also be too hard, since I would see the nodes as XY coordinates instead which removes the visualization I get from looking at the map in-game.
  2. Alright. Thank you for your answer!
  3. Hey, I've just downloaded a database for Gatherer, an Addon that shows herb and vein nodes on the map. Usually you would have to find these yourself first, but someone has made a database and shared it. However, in this file, all nodes in adjacent zones are shown too which clutters up the map. Fixing this requires alt+right-clicking a node, then clicking delete. Rinse and repeat for all unwanted nodes. My question: Would using a piece of software that automatically moves the mouse to center of screen and clicked the "delete" button be considered botting and therefore not allowed in the ToS? Thank you in advance.
  4. Tolle

    Servers down? 4/8/2019

    Can we get an official announcement, please?
  5. Tolle

    login concern

    No, they did say 60 seconds, which is the amount of time it takes for servers to restart. At this point, it would be really nice if we could get an official announcement about when they expect servers to be up.
  6. Tolle

    Servers down? 4/8/2019

    They DID just announce an update to the anti-cheat system, which should take 60 seconds including server restart. Maybe some problems appeared?
  7. Tolle

    Warlock Gear List (Updated for 1.8)

    I've noticed that the Nemesis Bracers are showing the wrong SP value - I have deleted my folder with the item database, and I'm pretty sure the Nemesis Bracers give around 16 SP putting them much higher on the list than currently. Something I've been wondering. Wouldn't getting 3 pieces of the Nemesis set be the most achievable until people get their individual pieces (that other spellcasters also roll on) from BWL like Bracers of Arcane Accuracy, Jindo's Hexxer's Cover or Mantle of the Blackwing cabal. Getting Nemesis Bracers, Helmet and Shoulders would be a pretty good solution until the above items are achieved (which can take a long time, given on how good your fellow guildie's gear is).
  8. Didn't know Donald Trump himself played on the Elysium server ;)
  9. Tolle

    Herb Node Map

    So, do you think it's possible to do with the information above? :D
  10. Tolle

    Herb Node Map

    Aladya, I don't think you understand what this is about.. Finding them manually means you'll be missing out on a bunch of spwans. Someone already mentioned that all the spawns on db.vanillagaming.org are correct so there will be no "searching for 200 nodes and finding only 10".
  11. Tolle

    Herb Node Map

    I'll elaborate on the stuff Gotmilk missed: gtype: Gatherer works with more than just herbs. I can't remember what each number represents right now, but I can confirm when I get home if needed. As far as I remember, 0 = trasure (chests, fishing pools, quest containers, etc.), 1 = herbs, 2 = mining nodes. x: self-explanatory. count: number of times a herb has been looted. icon: Gotmilk was correct here - the number represents the icon matching the herb on location. y: self-explanatory. As for zones: This is a bit far away, but if I remember correctly: There are different levels. First level represents which body of land, the next which herb/mining node type. Following is an example and not actual code: [1] <--- this could be Kalimdor. [13] <--- this could be Mulgore. [Peacebloom] Data Data Data Data Data [Briarthorn] Data [Silverleaf] Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data Data [21] <--- This could be moonglade. etc [2] <--- This could be Eastern Kingdom. [21] <--- Even though this number is the same as above, it could be a different zone since it is in EK. Sorry for it not being more exact. I am not home atm, but can provide an exact explanation later if needed. I don't remember there being any logic to the number chosen for the zone. Edit: I can confirm that containers are 0, herbs are 1, and mining nodes are 2. Additionally, 1 = Kalimdor, 2 = Eastern Kingdom. There are 21 zones for Kalimdor numbered 1-21, and 25 zones for Eastern Kingdom numbered 1-25. During my old project I added a token in the corner of the map to credit my guild who were a big part in finishing the project. Using the same code, we can test which zone is which by making a custom tag and then identifying a zone by finding the token: ["|Gatherer Project - A Gatherer Database| by The Vidya - Alliance Guild on Emerald Dream"] = { [1] = { ["gtype"] = 1, ["x"] = 1, ["count"] = 1, ["icon"] = 2, ["y"] = 99, }, }, Here's a link to the completed Gatherer.lua for EMERALD DREAM - THE NODES DO NOT MATCH ANATHEMA. https://www.dropbox.com/s/366fhjj6xgqpsrm/Gatherer.lua?dl=0 Edit 2: I went ahead and did what I suggested. Here are all the zone numbers. After having done this, I realize that they are alphabetically ordered and are ordered after MAP not zone, so capital cities have a number as well since they have their own map. 1 (Kalimdor): 1 = Ashenvale 2 = Azshara 3 = Darkshore 4 = Darnassus 5 = Desolace 6 = Durotar 7 = Dustwallow Marsh 8 = Felwood 9 = Feralas 10 = Moonglade 11 = Mulgore 12 = Orgrimmar 13 = Silithus 14 = Stonetalon Mountains 15 = Tanaris 16 = Teldrassil 17 = The Barrens 18 = Thousand Needles 19 = Thunder Bluff 20 = Un'Goro Crater 21 = Winterspring 2 (Eastern Kingdom): 1 = Alterac Mountains 2 = Arathi Highlands 3 = Badlands 4 = Blasted Lands 5 = Burning Steppes 6 = Deadwind Pass 7 = Don Morogh 8 = Duskwood 9 = Eastern Plaguelands 10 = Elwynn Forest 11 = Hillsbrad Foothills 12 = Ironforge 13 = Loch Modan 14 = Redridge Mountains 15 = Searing Gorge 16 = Silverpine Forest 17 = Stormwind City 18 = Stranglethorn Vale 19 = Swamp of Sorrows 20 = The Hinterlands 21 = Tirisfal Glades 22 = Undercity 23 = Western Plaguelands 24 = Westfall 25 = Wetlands
  12. Tolle

    Herb Node Map

    Lol, are you me? I did this with every single herb spawn on the Emerald Dream server. It really takes a lot of hours to complete, but the end-result map is worth it. You should consider finishing the piece and sharing it with the rest of us ;)
  13. Hey all, After hitting 60 and starting to grind for formulas for enchanting, I was slightly annoyed that there wasn't any list of formulas worth getting that I could follow. So while waiting for Deadwind Warlocks to spawn for the Superior Strength enchant, I made a list over all the formulas that are worth getting. Do note that this does not include enchants learned through trainers. Some of the enchants on the list will also become obsolete as AQ opens, but I'll leave them in. Pre-AQ - will add those soon. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t0JOW8APJfPGJtc6NIfTAxdWnx-9uXIC4LJsEwKulAg/edit?usp=sharing Current contents: Categorically listed into raid, group, solo and vendor. Link to db.vanillagaming-site so you can check out mob location. Zone, dropping mob(s) and drop chance (some from db.vanillagaming.org and others from Atlas Loot Enhanced). Vendor names, required reputation with faction and price. To be include: Map location of mob spawns. Number of mobs available at one time (if it makes sense, i.e. Scarlet Spellbinders, Deadwind Warlocks, etc.). Mob picture. Enchant stats. A little shine-up so it looks less dull. Cheers, - Oppai
  14. Tolle

    Schneiderei Guide 1-300

    Why in the world would you post a list like this in fucking German?!
  15. Tolle

    My account was hacked

    Hey guys, I see a lot of hate going on here, but the bottom of the line is what Allelujah wrote in the first response: Your items and gold are lost, and speaking to an admin will only be a waste of time for both of you.