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<Lost> Horde EU

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<Lost> is a Hardcore Horde side and International Hardcore PvE-oriented Guild on Anathema realm.

Our main raids occurs on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 20:00 to 00:00 ST (UTC+1)

We're also doing additional Raids on pretty much every other day of the week. 

We are using a Loot Council System.

Have a look at our Raidstats on realmplayers to get your own perspective about us.

We're aiming for an efficient raid that strives on synergy, trust and fun.

Building a relaxed community with good players, and compete with other current top guilds is our main goal.

We will always have a look at exceptional players even if the recruitment is closed for your class. 

Feel free to leave an application here.

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23 hours ago, Lawinn said:

Bump, we are still looking for exceptionnal players to fit in our main roster.

Recruitment as of today Friday, 14st of April:


Please note that no matter if a recruitment is closed or not, we will always consider exceptionnal players.

Apply here: Lost


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Bump currently 5/9 AQ40 and aim for at least 8/9 next reset! We are looking for consistently excellent players of any class to strengthen our roster , good Warlocks are particularly welcome. 

Current speed records: ZG 63 mins http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=66247

MC 50 mins http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=66500

BWL 87 mins http://realmplayers.com/RaidStats/RaidOverview.aspx?Raid=69718

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