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  1. Ryofu


    Think I read somewhere you got a 2.4.3 version.Do you still have it around?Link for lovelyui is a dead end.
  2. Ryofu


    Thanks Modernist,those lines have hidden the performance bar.The square minimap is fine as it is,it's just the tracking and the mail icons are not same texture as game time frame,that's all I wanted really.
  3. Ryofu


    Hello,modernist,I appreciate the work you have done and the time you invested in this.I use your UI heavily with slight modifications though.You mentioned in your first thread on nost forums you can make your minimap squared.That line of code still works however the tracking frame is not skinned as the time frame.Also Would like a way to hide the location text on minimap and the performance button.See pic for details. http://imgur.com/a/zYEuc Also,is there a way to make click thru nameplates?Like with right click only? Thank you.
  4. Ryofu

    Post Your UI #3456789

    I'm trying to re create something similar http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info20998-AnsiUi.html however I can't get that nMainbar working.I got no clue how to code and stuff,so it looks ripped.Closest I found is mymainbar addon,still too big though.If you will please share yours,I'm quite fond of it. http://imgur.com/a/bodq1 This is what I have so far.