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  1. Hello guys, i want to start a new Raid Group for alts and main chars without guild. Planned Dates are Fridays and Saturdays - Starting Times 7pm or 8pm Server Time. Maximum 4 Hours an evening. Loot Rules: Mainspecc > Second Specc - If you got 1 Item - you pass on the next Items - if there is no other which wants an Item but you want it - its yours. BOE Items will rolled after the Raid and you have to equip them directly! Enchanter and other Profession Receipes: The guys which have the profession can roll on these, also can they roll on 1 Item for their class. If you are interessted to join an Alt Raid which starts every week - maybe we can go to BWL too after release and when the gear is ok - Experienced Raid and Tanklead - Full Bis Tank Gear, also Fireressistance Gear. Planned Setup: 3 Prot Warriors - 1 Slot filled 5 Holy Priests 5 Heal Shamans 4 Heal Druids 6-7 Mages 4-5 Locks 4-6 Rogues 4 Hunters 3-4 Fury Warriors If you are interessted - contact me ingame: Bullrog or Xinglingwang (no im not chinese)
  2. TheButcher369

    WTS - HA Winter Squid/Grilled Squid

    Greetings all, i have a lot of Wintersquids and Grilled Squids on my Bankchar. You can reach me ingame on my Chars Bullrog or Xinglingwang Higher Value better Price
  3. And thats the reason nobody wants to go random. Have fun find some Tanks that go with u - if this happen i hope the warri finds u and rapes the shit out of ur head
  4. TheButcher369

    Financial Report: February '17

    Is there anyway to donat via bitcoin? I dont have an PayPal Account also i dont want one. Maybe bitcoin Opens a New source 4 donaters
  5. wohl einer der letzten push bevor das recruitment geclosed wird
  6. TheButcher369

    [H] GER <Grandmasters> PvE Progress

    Kurz vor knapp dazu entschlossen oder wieso so kurzfristig vorm Release xD der push is gratis