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  1. Trading Gold across realms is considered against the ToU. "In Game" is considered within a particular server. This prevents the older servers from having negative impacts on the economy of the newer servers. The GM team.
  2. Pulling Magistrate Barthillas through the side entrance gate is an exploit and if we catch you doing it we will ban you. If by "Kiting" you mean abusing a terrain exploit to make them evade/bug then that is an exploit and we will ban you for it. Use your intuition. If you think you are avoiding a mechanic, or what is clearly the intention of how the encounter is supposed to work then its probably an exploit and you should ask (through an in-game ticket). The GM team.
  3. I'm also going to jump in for a second just to let you know what my week entails. Monday - DM from Chinese Players complaining that Pottu is bias against them and bans them while letting everyone else off. Tuesday - DM from EU players complaining that Pottu is bias against them Wednesday -DM from NA players complaining that Pottu is bias against them, Thursday - .... you get the message. As pottu said, we enforce the rules regardless of your IP location. If you have evidence DM it to Pottu, dont trust pottu? DM it to me.
  4. Akuta

    Pulling the Emperor only in BRD.

    Greetings Adventurers, This is not an example of clever use of game mechanics. It is an exploit and use of such will lead to permanent closure of your account. Slacker - could you please DM me with details of why you think its allowed so we can internally discuss. Thanks, The GM team.
  5. Greetings All, **Edit to make it clear** Cross faction collusion when taken to the extreme is against the ToU, a couple of people standing around a zone farming a resource for the most part shouldn't be called collusion. The GM team will step in when things are taken to far, but in this case we probably shouldn't have stepped in. I'll make sure he gets a refresher training session. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. If you would like to discuss this further your welcome to Direct message me. Akuta.
  6. Greetings Citizens of Elysium, The below is an announcement specifically for our Chinese player base. It's to help them create tickets and get support in a better way. 广大的中国玩家,你们好: 在过去的半年里,我们服务器团队,尝试很多种方法来帮助中国玩家并提高游戏体验。其中一个方式,就是招募中文GM,在游戏里回答玩家的问题,并给予帮助。但是,在过去的一段时间里,我们发现,由于中文GM严重不足,堆积了大量的无法及时回复的求助。所以,经过认真的讨论,我们觉得需要找到更好的方式来帮助中国玩家。 因为GM能说中文的很少,我们无法及时地回复中文求助,所以我们希望大家统一用英文发求助。为了指导中国玩家用英文填写游戏内的求助,我们编辑了这份文档。根据经验,以下这些内容,基本上包括了玩家可能遇到的大部分的问题。 1. 战场AFK 玩家 Tigerhunt 在战场里AFK。 Player Tigerhunt was afk in a battleground. 2. 双开 玩家 Tigerhunt1 和 Tigerhunt2 双开。 Player Tigerhunt1 and Tigerhunt2 are multiboxing 3. 脚本 玩家Tigerhunt 使用脚本。 Player Tigerhunt is botting. 4. 安全区利用bug杀人。 玩家Tigerhunt 在藏宝海湾安全点bug杀人。截图的链接是:https://imgur.com/ Player Tigerhunt is safe spotting in Booty Bay. Here is the screenshot link: https://imgur.com/ 注:这里一定要注明地点。如果可以,尽可能的提供截图。提供截图的方式,是将图片上传至网站,比如 https://imgur.com/,然后拷贝图片的链接。 5. 种族歧视。 玩家Tigerhunt种族歧视。这里是截图:https://imgur.com/ Player Tigerhunt was being racist. Here is the screenshot: https://imgur.com/ 注:必须提供截图。 5. 外挂 玩家Tigerhunt 在藏宝海湾使用飞行/速度 外挂。 Player Tigerhunt was Fly/Speed Hacking in Booty Bay. 6 发送垃圾信息(买卖金币网站,升级服务等) 玩家Tigerhunt 发布买卖金币/升级服务的广告。 Player Tigerhunt was advertising gold/leveling services. 7.恶意破坏 玩家Tigerhunt 恶意破坏我的任务。服务器时间从7点到7点30, 历时半个小时。 Tigerhunt was griefing while i was in the middle of my quest for 30 minutes from 7:00 to 7:30 server time. 注:恶意破坏,前提是主观的,长时间,持续性的恶意干扰。请正确区分恶意破坏和PVP。 8. 恶意破坏猎人/牧师史诗任务 玩家Tigerhunt 恶意破坏我的猎人/牧师的史诗任务。服务器时间从7点到7点30, 历时半个小时。这是有战斗记录和恶意破坏的截图: https://imgur.com/ Tigerhunt was griefing while i was in the middle of my hunter/priest quest for 30 minutes from 7:00 to 7:30 server time. Here is the link to the logs and the griefing screen shots: https://imgur.com/ 9. 卡死 我卡住了,请问,能否将我传送去藏宝海湾。 I am stuck, would you please return me to Booty Bay? 10. 团队副本boss无掉落。 我们打掉了奈法利安,但是没有掉落物品。这里是击杀过程的录像。副本id 888. We killed Nefarian but no loot was awarded. Here is the link to the video, our raid id is 888. 注:录像是最为重要的证据,如果没有,恢复申请被拒绝。 11 虚弱buff 我有一个长达7天的虚弱buff。 I have a res sickness for 7 days. 注:再死一次,用精灵复活,就会消失。 . 12 战场逃离buff 我有一个长达7天的战场逃离buff。 I have the deserter debuff for 7 days. 注:只有玩家在线的时候,才能处理。 13 任务出现bug 如果,发现任务出现bug,请先尝试 禁用插件,删除WDB文件夹,放弃并重新接受任务。如果,都没有解决,请你去网站github 或者我们的论坛发帖,寻求帮助。 14 物品恢复 我的任务物品 棍子上的胡萝卜 不见了 请帮我恢复 棍子上的胡萝卜 物品id 11122 任务id 2770 My quest reward Carrot on a Stick is missing Would you please restore it for me? Carrot on a Stick id 11122 Quest Gahz'rilla id 2770 注:我们只帮助恢复重要的任务物品,而且只有一次。在恢复前,我们要进行必须的检查,而这些检查只有在玩家在线的时候才可以进行。如果滥用申请恢复物品的权利,比如删除旧的奖励更换奖励,申请恢复没有完成的任务奖励,等等,将会导致相应的惩罚。
  7. Greetings All, Usually we keep all information regarding ban's and ban appeals confidential but since Laiy chose to bring this into the general discussion and chose to make the processes of their ban and appeal public I am taking the unusual step of answering in public. Laiy - Not only did I, the lead GM but also the lead dev and 3 other senior GM's reviewed your case. We have what we believe is enough evidence of a Real Money Transaction to ban your account. You were involved with a larger group of people who all appear to be selling coins and bijous and various other items for real money. Your appeal is denied. Were not talking about one or two strange transactions, were talking about people trading large amounts of wealth for 0 in-game payment to players who they have no link to (not the same guild, no chat discussions and many are low level characters).
  8. Akuta

    Game Master PVP Abuse

    Greetings Chips, Could you please Direct Message me on the forums here so we can discuss your complaint. There does come a time when PvP moves from normal PvP to griefing, i do not know yet any of the details of this particular incident but if you have attracted the attention of a GM its usually because you are killing far lower level players repeatedly and its been deemed to cross the line form normal PvP to griefing. Regarding abuse of powers, we take these accusations very seriously and I have reviewed the logs and found no unusual activity indicating a GM has interacted directly with your character. If you have any form of evidence id be very interested in seeing it. The GM team.
  9. Greetings Long Zeth'kur and all other interested parties, This is taken directly from the terms of use that you agreed to when creating your account: VII. Multiboxing Multiboxing is not allowed and refers to playing multiple characters simultaneously. Whether this is done via 3rd party software, alt-tabbing between instances, or by running multiple machines, does not matter. The only exception is that you may have up to two characters in the same major or goblin city temporarily, for trading, crafting, conjuring, portalling or using the Neutral Auction House to transfer items/gold to an alt. ------- So what you acknowledged doing above is a permanently bannable offense. The GM who contacted you and politely asked you to stop doing it was 100% following processes and procedure. We do not talk about sanctions or actions taken against another player, unless they bring them into the public arena but what I will say is this. Impersonating a member of staff is a sanctionable offense. You shouldnt assume just because someone says they are a "GM" that they are. We have thoroughly investigated this accusation (multiple times beacuse you have reported it multiple times via multiple platforms) and there is no staff member activly looking for things to sanction you for. What I would say is this, clearly you have upset some players so you might want to read the Terms of Use found here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/21966-terms-of-use-rules-regulations/ to ensure you are not breaking any of the rules. Some members of the community are clearly watching you and waiting for reasons to report you. Regarding other players multiboxing - if you see something, say something and we will investigate them and sanction as appropriate. Regards, The GM team.
  10. Akuta

    Changes in ToU question

    Greetings Oakenlix, The use of any auction house was technically forbidden by the previous rules. If you read the ToU it states you may never multibox except for these specific exceptions. Using an Auction house was not one of the exceptions (trading, crafting, conjuring, portalling) So prior to this change it was forbidden to use any auction house while multiboxing. Now you can use the Neutral auction house to transfer items/gold across factions but you may not use your factional auction house, or simply sit there browsing the neutral auction house. Akuta.
  11. Akuta

    Terms of Use Changes

    Greetings! The GM team has been reviewing the Terms of Use and determined that we need to make 4 changes. These changes are effective immediately. World Boss Griefing on Darrowshire You may not interact with a tagged world boss in an attempt to wipe the raid or reset the encounter. You can however kill players who are flagged for PvP. Griefing on world bosses on all servers is also going to be sanctioned at a far greater level than in the past. Be warned, griefing world bosses will not be tolerated and sanctions need to reflect the gravity of the crime and could include loot being removed if you griefed to "steal" the tag. Multiboxing You may now multibox to transfer gold/items to a cross faction alt using the neutral auction house. This only applies to actively transferring Gold/Items to an alt, both characters need to be in a goblin city. Using your faction auction house is still forbidden while multiboxing. Shared Guild Banks Guilds may now create a dedicated banking account and share the log-in information. No character on the account on any server can be above level 5, and we will not police in any way items that are remove from the account. Sharing the guild bank details is at your own risk, the staff will not get involved in any way with a guild bank being "stolen". We will ban a shared guild bank if there is a character above level 5. Character Restoration The developer team has been able to provide a limited character restoration function. Unfortunately when you delete a character it will not be able to be restored 100% of the time, but if possible we will restore deleted characters. Create an In-Game ticket to request a character restoration and we will try our best. Sincerely, The GM Team
  12. Akuta

    bye pottu

    Greetings Disgusting, To prevent any further drama from occurring I'm going to stop this right here. We do not discuss sanctions handed out on someone else's account, however since this is a fairly high profile ban Normandah's ban went through the usual ban appeal processes (it took longer due to the complexities) and it was deemed that a permanent ban was to harsh. If you have evidence of wrong doings by this, or any other player we always suggest you bring them to the GM team. Akuta.
  13. Greetings All, Firstly - knowingly exploiting a bug in the game is grounds for sanctions. So willfully popping battlegrounds with a L1 toon is sanctionable. We will be investigating all players involved with this. Secondly - As was stated above - Multiboxing is a permanently bannable offense, coupled with the exploit abuse these players are taking their accounts into their hands when they do this. Thirdly - Why do i not see a bug tracker report about this? If you are so keen to get this fixed thats where you should have posted this. Fourthly - We do investigate all breaches oft he ToU, this is a new one - but it will be investigated and we will sanction as appropriate. We all know the rules, if somethings is bugged and you EXPLOIT it then you will get sanctions. The GM team.
  14. Akuta

    War Effort Conerns

    Let me just remind you of a few facts; 1) The driving goal of the war effort was a challenging event that would take 3-4 weeks to complete (the retail war effort feel), not something that could be finished in 1 day. 2) The core is out there, players have streamed our AQ from a several month old core- even then AQ was in great shape. The idea that we are "stalling" because its not ready is a bit redundant if you go and look at those streams. now onto my personal opinion - not a statement of fact or in any way an official statement from the project: Could you guys just take a breath; Link's announcement was very clear, the war effort wasnt finished in a day on retail, and it shouldnt be completed in a day on a legacy server. You dont even have to trust us that AQ is waiting, go compile the core yourself and check it out. In the mean time go farm some mats and participate in the greatest event of vanilla wow.
  15. Greetings Wienersteve, Firstly I want to assure the entire community that we take banning people, even temporarily very seriously and we do not intend, nor stand behind bans that are done without evidence. Wienersteve, did you appeal your ban? I can see you had an issue in December that we helped you with, but nothing since then. If you had appealed your ban we would have taken a more detailed look and if there is no evidence we would have immediately unbanned you (as has been the case many times). If you did appeal could you DM me the details because I can't see it. To all of the community - if you were banned and believe it was unreasonable we always recommend you appeal. The GM who reviews the appeal is always a different GM to the one that banned, and if there is no evidence provided we will overturn the Ban's. If you have any questions, or want to talk more your always welcome to reach out to us via in-game tickets. The GM team.