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  1. Creselius

    Scumbag Hunter

    I was wondering on the name. Now im sure its you. I actually love and use your macros. I have bookmarked your guide (i dont tend to bookmark) I love your work! :D
  2. Creselius

    Scumbag Hunter

    He was lvl 41. i am lvl 37. i was there for hours watching a movie on the second monitor. I just saw him for a second walking around. Also i didnt have the distracting shot trained up thinking i would save gold. Question: I heard his spawntime was 4h not 7.5. im a tad confused on when to hunt him again. (its kinda late here)
  3. Creselius

    Scumbag Hunter

    Thanks man. I wish you the best on your end. But that was a shitty thing to do. I was first. i claimed it. I had priority. He was just questing around and pulled it for him. Thats what pisses me off.
  4. Creselius

    Scumbag Hunter

    I waited 4h to tame Broken tooth. I see him. Im taming him and he pulls him away from to break the cast and tames it for himself.. If everyone sees Sherwin hunt him down. You see people camping. you see people have priority over you. Use your god damn mind. Night elf Sherwin on the PVE server you made a huge mistake.