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  1. Raziya

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't replied in a while, but I stopped on just in case someone needed something! I see I saw right! @Lelele - You can use a /script CastPetAction(10); to make it cast the 10th spell on your pet's action bar. By default, that's passive! @Romj - Hey, it's my pleasure! If you need anything else, hit me up on YouTube, okay? I'll still be putting out tutorials and stuff, even though I'm not around here!
  2. Raziya

    Bis melee weapons Hunter raid

    Yeah, WotH and FotF kick serious ass. You'll hate your main hand after you get a 2 attack power upgrade in AQ40 since you'll need to get another 15 agility enchant for that lol but until then!
  3. Raziya

    How long does it take to learn pet skills

    If you need any more, there's a lengthy tutorial on pets in section 3.2.2 of the Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux] thread on these forums. :D
  4. Raziya

    How long does it take to learn pet skills

    What Zazabi and Roxanne Flowers said.
  5. Raziya

    Striker's Garb

    It's a nice PvP set, and arcane shot spec is a thing. It's also fun. Pick up the Zandalarian Hero Charm and pop off arcanes, serpents, and immo traps on people while it's up and you may have some fun too.
  6. Raziya

    Best places to level pets

    Hi. Here's a tutorial for pets. The segment you're looking for is Combat Training at 20:53. Please refer to the Hunter Macros & Tips thread for more information. :)
  7. Raziya

    PvE Pets for Hunter

    Wolves are absolutely NOT worth it if you're going to keep it by your side the whole time. Send it in to melee so it can buff itself and the four melee that should be in your group. Max out your pet's stamina and pick some good resistances, and micro it appropriately. Sure, Shazzrah or Vael might still murder your pet, but you can keep it alive on most other fights, trash or boss, with a little micro. 20/31/0 is the standard raiding spec for a reason, y'know! @DKD420 - Lupos is the best pet until he's nerfed. On Anathema, I believe he was nerfed when the AQ pre-patch was released, but I don't remember for sure. Nowadays I use a wind serpent, and I'm very fond of it. Therefore, I would recommend giving a wind serpent a try as long as Lupos is nerfed. And if ZG isn't out, wait for it because the only place you can get rank 6 Lightning Breath is from ZG!
  8. Raziya

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    Wind serpents are awesome. Yes, Unleashed Fury and Ferocity apply to Lightning Breath. Frenzy can even proc off Lightning Breath crits. Bestial Discipline gives 6 Focus per second up from 5 Focus per second. It ain't TOO amazing, but it's worth taking over the last two points in Frenzy, I'd say. 3/5 works. Wolves ain't too shabby. Wolves, cats, and wind serpents make up the holy trinity of raiding pets. Wolves buff four melee DPS AND themselves (don't expect to be anywhere near 15 yds as a hunter, so 5 targets at best), which improves the raid DPS in general. Cats are the most ferocious physical DPS and benefit from stuff like Sunder Armor, while wind serpents ignore armor entirely, but can have their Lightning Breath resisted. Nightfall can benefit a wind serpent's Lightning Breath, and they're very safe-to-use pets. I like wind serpents. You can zap things that could seriously injure your pet from a nice, safe 20 yds away. Like Patchwork Golems in Naxxramas. Lupos is indubitably the best pet because he deals spell damage and buffs people, but after he's nerfed, wind serpents are my preference. See below: We're both 20/31/0. Don't expect to have more than 20 pts in BM if you're raiding. Trueshot Aura is demanded from us by a lot of guilds. I raided once as Beast Mastery in a PuG, since some friends were like "yo come do AQ20," but that was about it.
  9. Raziya

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    Oh, yeah.
  10. Raziya

    Hunter's Trap Macro Issue

    If the macro has the trap cast as the first line, it should show the trap cooldown. If in that screenshot you're mousing over a MACRO and it's showing a tooltip, I believe it may be an addon issue. Not sure what else it'd be.
  11. Raziya

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    I like Intimidation + Scatter Shot spec too. Fun spec. Why melee at all though?
  12. Raziya

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    Yep! :D Screw Shazz and Vael. lol
  13. Raziya

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    I'm a CL. If a hunter does this in my raids, I tell them to GTFO with that. The wolf goes in melee and buffs the melee DPS or it stays away. Wolves are not BiS if they're not smacking things AND buffing the melee DPS. Arrows are better than smacking things. They're also very inexpensive. BM is AFK + Auto Shot, not AFK + Auto Attack. 20/31/0 is the standard raiding spec for a reason. Pets are not so squishy that they die on every single pull, if you use them correctly. If my pet dies during a pull, I res it long before the next pull.
  14. Raziya

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    Get in a guild with meter whore healers :O
  15. Raziya

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    No need! If you're Horde, shamans' Chain Heal will bounce to pets. The healers in my guild are meter whores, so they sometimes heal my serpent. I don't put his life on it, but when it happens, it's nice.