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  1. T0asty514

    Vanilla Addons A-Z

    Thank you! :)
  2. Awesome news guys. Keep up the incredible work! :)
  3. T0asty514


    Yeah, it blows. I haven't been able to log all day. It should be fixed soon though, it never usually takes this long for these issues to be solved, even temporarily.
  4. T0asty514


    Definitely bad timing, sadly. Servers have been /nearly/ fine all week, until this morning.
  5. The other night there was a few rollbacks with zero mention on their twitter/forums though, is what I was referring to. ^^
  6. Rollbacks. If they rollback the server, your entire progress may be wiped. Happened to me a few times already.
  7. T0asty514

    Fix debris fishing pools

    Every debris fishing pool I fished from gave me chests, beer, and other stuff... In fact I've never gotten any kelp or stam pots from em. Maybe change fishing spots?
  8. T0asty514

    Autheticating - Disconnect

    Been trying to connect to Nostalrius PvP since 8am, its now 12pm. This is a sad day.
  9. T0asty514

    Disconnect after disconnet.

    Hopefully it doesn't take THAT long. Its only 12pm here, waiting til tomorrow would suck :(
  10. T0asty514

    Disconnected + Auth stuck

    Right? I was hoping I'd get in queue while I go to an apointment, apparently that's not going to happen. lol
  11. T0asty514

    Disconnect after disconnet.

    An easier way to do this, is to navigate to your WTF folder, open "Config.wtf", find where it says "realmName", and right after should be the realm you have set as your default. Just delete whatever is within the quation marks after. IE 'realmName "Elysium PVP" ', you'd delete the "Elysium PVP" part. Hasn't helped me yet today, but has helped me with some issues before. ^^