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  1. Serp

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Yeah I know, but I'm experienced enough with addons to make it work (I think :p)
  2. Serp

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Ok, thank you Duality. /kiss
  3. Serp

    Post Your UI #3456789

    Here's mine with a couple of questions attached to it for the people who are better at this than me. 1: How do I get my bars/buffbuttons etc to be square? 2: How do I get my bars to be black? (I used bongos atm for the right-click self cast feature, tried Zbars and Bartender before) 3: How can I make my KTM and Damagemeters look all black? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey guys, just a small (poor quality) video to show those who couldn't get in at 18h00 what it was like. Greetz, Serp