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  1. aeruwynn

    Song describing the Project

    wtf is this thread
  2. i didn't roll on the new server to be pulled back into the old ones terrible idea, no thanks
  3. zeth is where all the cool kids go enjoy your queue dweebs
  4. aeruwynn

    deadmines is abbreviated as dm

    i regret nothing
  5. sounds like your class trainer conned you
  6. aeruwynn

    My account has been banned help plz

    we all know that you're an undercover gold seller don't try to bamboozle us
  7. aeruwynn

    Intersever Battleground

    what does that even mean
  8. paladins are just priests that fight with melee and priests can use shadow magic so why is there no badass shadow paladin and no it wouldn't be death knights because they're more necromancy than shadow because shadow priests=/=necromancer
  9. aeruwynn

    [A] <Legacy> Social Raid Progression

    are we staying on this server or moving to fresh?
  10. aeruwynn

    Calling out Alexensual

    "why can't you be more like alexensual"
  11. aeruwynn

    Increase population cap

    it's almost as if no one's thought of this what a great idea
  12. aeruwynn

    Crossrealm worldlike blizz

    let's just go ahead and put in lfr because aren't we all just trying to kill ragnaros?
  13. i'm guessing because the servers are on different patches there's different pve content to discuss but yes there should be one for a general pve too