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  1. TheAura

    cant connect to elysium

    Elysium has crashed atm and will require a restart. Not ETA on that.
  2. TheAura

    Character Transfer

    Transfers not finished.
  3. TheAura

    ZK transfer

    This was never stated. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/48257-closed-zethkur-transfers-are-starting-today/
  4. TheAura

    Character is still stucked on ZK

    The transfer is not instant. It can take up to a day or two before it's completed. There will be an announcement when it has been done.
  5. TheAura

    Reporting harassment

    Hey mate, for all ingame purposes when dealing with harassment cases such as this you need to put in a ticket.
  6. TheAura

    How long is my account suspension?

    You will need to put a ban appeal in the ban appeal section.
  7. TheAura


  8. TheAura

    Stuck free falling

  9. TheAura

    Cheater <snip>

    Hey. Make an ingame ticket for this
  10. TheAura

    Character missing from account

    He will need to make a ticket ingame and request a character restoration.
  11. TheAura

    Bitter Rivals is bugged

    The link to the bug tracker is here. https://github.com/elysium-project/server/issues
  12. Disable all addons. Is this your first character on the server? If not, make a ticket using another character and ask for an unstuck for your character which you can't load into. Might fix the issue.
  13. TheAura

    BWL is new CD now,can we farm it?

    It shouldn't have been approved. We are working on fixing the raid id issues. Do not rerun
  14. TheAura

    Gold spammers

    GM's do not sit at GM island all day nor do we sit in the same spot for any decent amount of time. Alot of tickets require investigating so we're teleporting all across Azeroth - we can't do that by sitting in one spot. Report gold whisperers or mail senders with a screenshot via ticket and it'll be taken care of.
  15. TheAura

    Is Racism bannable?

    As per the rules, racism isn't tolerated at all. If you see racism in chat whether it's directed at you or not, get a screenshot and report it via ticket and put the player on ignore. We will take care of the rest.