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  1. Thanks for the heads up mate.
  2. rostok

    The Dodgykebaab Elyisum Review Recap video

    That's sad. Its almost as if mental illness is the new 'sane' these days. (Fooking chavs lol)
  3. rostok

    The Dodgykebaab Elyisum Review Recap video

    I think within the context of the the thread it's fine. (I always thought you kids referred to Turks as "roaches" anyway??)
  4. rostok


    Are you sure you followed these instructions, to the letter? https://elysium-project.org/play
  5. In light of the above-mentioned posts, I don't think I will bother pressing 'play'
  6. That's what they do these days EDIT: Infantile entertainment at best
  7. rostok

    All of my gold is missing

    Pickpocketed by a rogue while you slept? Bizarre. Hope the devs can shed some light on this one for you.
  8. >Cucks >>>/b/ Off you go, sonny
  9. This. Just grin and bear it, and when the time is right, gank 'em back.
  10. rostok


    Jesus, just when you thought you'd seen it all...
  11. GeTaDoGuPyA! (Bump for a good bunch of guys)
  12. rostok

    Reserved Character Names

    LOL, says a guy with THAT forum avatar!