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  1. Rckstr

    BG Premades

    i see why premading is shit for a big part of the player base but you srlsy want to restrict queueing to 3man grps?:D if it was possible to restrict it -which i think it isn't- normal grp of 5players would be good.
  2. Rckstr

    Arena in vanilla?

    arenas was my fav part of the game since tbc but arenas would be shit with vanilla DR mechanics [email protected] lol major part of vanilla pvp is mindless bg farming which is still fun somehow but not very competitive for my taste
  3. Rckstr

    Counterspell locked down... everything...

    me too!! ohh wait... i'm a paladin :(
  4. +1 And where's the "bug abuse" exactly? Just use of game mechanics as far as i can see it.
  5. No, i haven't experienced many people like this one lol. "Puglord"... enough said really, just ignore this idiot and move on. :)
  6. Rckstr

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    That's also my question... would be really nice. Otherwise it's not possible to leave party without macro lol.
  7. If your account got hacked, looted and used for spamming gold messages and you didn't have 2fa it's your own fault. Nothing Elysium can and will do about it.
  8. You still chose to do so, it's a high pop server if you like it or not. Your friends don't seem to have so much of a problem with it, if yes there are other options as mentioned already.
  9. I doubt this is permanent, it rather has something to do with recent server instability lol. If you complain about too many players on the realm you should have rolled on another one. Zeth'Kur is probably more appropriate to your taste and it has the same timeline as Elysium, why not play there? Instead YOU CHOSE a very populated realm and then complain on the forums that it's too populated for you. I will never understand people like you.
  10. Rckstr


    Also for me, i always have to mouse over group frames to see all buffs of my group members. When i target them i don't see all the buffs.
  11. Rckstr

    Aaaannddd it's Down.

    lol bye, nobody will miss you.
  12. NO! I hate Legion graphics, too much filtering and shit. I like vanilla/tbc graphics, they are way more clear.