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  1. Well if you have the MyJourney feature I think you are on official servers, right? You can get support on our Github page or on the Discord linked on there: https://github.com/Questie/Questie There is no interface to edit the entries in MyJourney, but you can close WoW and edit Questie's SavedVariables file in the WTF directory.
  2. I'd have to guess here, but since you are upgrading from a very old version, the database of finished quests that Questie stores internally might have not been properly ported, because the directories they were stored in have changed (see below). This would mean Questie doesn't know which quests you have already finished, and therefore it can not show you those quests, which require other quests to be finished first. To remedy this would be kind of tricky, but if you want to try you can contact me on our Discord server. Is there maybe a directory named Questie and one named !Questie in your addon directory? If so, delete the one without an exclamation mark. Both v3.69 and v3.7 use the !Questie directory. (related bug report) P.S.: Feedback on this issue would be very much appreciated.
  3. You can find a list of ingame commands in our Wiki. Try to asses if your settings are correct with the /questie settings command. If that doesn't help or the list is awfully short, you can try the /questie clearconfig command. Note that you might have to track the quests manually once (Shift+Click them in quest log) after adjusting the settings, but from then on they should appear automatically.
  4. The quest is still available, you can just go to where it was displayed and accept it. If you want to have it marked on the map again you would have to remove it from the QuestieSeenQuests table in the !Questie.lua file located in <wow-folder>/WTF/Account/<your-account-name>/<server-name>/<character-name>/SavedVariables/. You could also use the /questie NUKE command ingame, but that would delete all the quests you have finished and they would show as available on the map again.
  5. Muehe

    [Request] Gatherer With Full Database

    I have not looked at the Elysium core closely, but in the cmangos core there are already spawn pools for resource notes. So if you farm a copper vein somewhere you might find a tin vein there next time. There is a PoolManger in the source, so a system like this might already be in effect on Elysium as well. On the subject of duplicate notes, I have been working on an improved version of ShaguQuest for some time and the note positions are assigned to the correct zone in my DB. You can find the database file here. The data source is cmangos/classic-db, but from what I have seen so far positions on Elysium are the same
  6. Muehe

    Vanilla Addons - Legacy-WoW

    The version of Questie you provide is HORRIBLY outdated. It's v2.0.10 which was released on 2015-05-25, nearly two years ago...
  7. Try the current 3.69 release. It has some minor issues, but should be fine performance wise (barring some weird quests with lots of symbols, like Stranglethorn pages quests or cloth quests). Latest release is always available here: https://github.com/AeroScripts/QuestieDev/releases
  8. The link posted on the first page? Or the one I posted yesterday? We noticed some similar problems during development of v3.7, but we hope to have them fixed before release.
  9. Current development can be followed here: https://github.com/Dyaxler/QuestieDev/commits/Version3.70 A Beta release should be available soon™. Also Aero was working on a new version 4.0, but development on that is stalled due to some ominous thing called "real life".
  10. Muehe

    [Addon Database] ClassicAddons.com

    I agree that this git repository thingy might not be the best idea of all time. At least not the way you are doing it now. First of, you could use https. Secondly, some addons have a build process involved, which makes a repo download useless from a user perspective (e.g. ShaguQuest) or have files that are not needed for the addon (e.g. Questie). Unless you want to micromanage every addon for which files to get from Github I'd suggest you stick to the Github release pages whenever the authors use them.
  11. Where there is a will, there is a way. The information needed to know which quest belongs to a holiday is found in the ZoneOrSort field. This is normally used to determine which category quests are sorted to in the quest log. Which value represents which holiday you can see here (for negative values). After that you need information about when which holiday is active and then show quests only during the according time period.