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  1. havent notice before , but now if you cast grounding while enemy cast spell spell will hit you not grounding... only if you cast grounding and enemy cast spell after you casted grounding spell will hit grounding , also totem rebuff itself after absorbing spells that do no damage ( poly , fear etc ) wich is good side lmao
  2. Vexbro

    Elemental Sham 39 PVP

    rip me for posting on forums then lol
  3. AB Weekend only world pvp video soon (Not a twink) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3da4Npc4Iu0&t=23s
  4. Vexbro

    Elemental leveling wpvp

    Actually i went resto for some low lvl pvp , but dont mind me that just my reasons enh is def fastest spec to lvl till 40
  5. Vexbro

    Elemental leveling wpvp

    thanks for linking my video yO :D about elemental , it sucks before 39 coz 3 sec bolts and push back makes it imposibble versus locks/hunters and any other classes that can make some pushback on ur spells , eye of the storm talent is saviour tho after 39 you get op dont mind using cloth items like robe of the magi or so even after 40+ 3% +- armor dosent mean much , im 29 on elysium atm gona plan going for 60 and my rank 12 i never got will also make more and even better vids looking back at this i made its not bad but nothing special i can do much much better :D pce