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  1. Warl0ck

    Horde vs. Alliance @ 60

    Can somebody please explain stacking honor?
  2. Warl0ck

    Yet another Epic BoE situation

    Like cheap/free respecs, this is something retail has gotten right now. If you need on a BOE, it binds to you if you roll need and win. Would be great if they'd do the same here even if it's not Vanilla Blizz-like.
  3. During DDOS attack, the server is up. But the amount of traffic hitting the server prevents you from connecting to it.
  4. He's clearly an simpleminded troll who thinks he's funny. Don't feed the troll. Just ignore and move on.
  5. Warl0ck

    Mage vs Warlock

    Yes you can until you hit DR. Mages are fragile--yes and no. They have Ice Barrier, Ice Block, Manashield. And they are slippery with snaring nuke, blink, nova, sheep.
  6. Warl0ck

    Mage vs Warlock

    Warlock CC isn't bad -- Seduce, Fear, Coil. Seduce can be used to chain nuke. And lock CC doesn't heal the target to full. I'd say both are pretty good.
  7. Warl0ck

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    As somebody who really supports this project, this just looks bad. AFTER it leaks, you can't say you're suddenly going open source. You're just going to take a big hit on credibility.
  8. Warl0ck

    Ret dps in dungeons while leveling?

    A few quick leveling questions for Ret.... Do you all judge crusader? Or do you just use your opening judgement on Command/Righteousness? For leveling, is Improved Seal of Crusader worth it (assuming you use the judgement) over 3 in parry (this assumes you take 2 in Improved Judgement). What is the weaponspeed cutoff in choosing between the 2 seals - Command/Righteousness?
  9. Warl0ck

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Just curious--Can the Shadowfang Keep door to the courtyard be picked?
  10. Warl0ck

    Druid PVP - is it true

    Enjoyed the vid... then saw the vid poster follows Alex Jones--the guy who says Sandy Hook was a hoax. /tinfoilhat
  11. Warl0ck

    Duo Partner Class for a Rogue?

    My son is starting up a human rogue on Elysium, and I'm trying to pick a class that will compliment it well. I am thinking Druid or Pally for a mix of tankiness, heals, and utility. Druid has some extra CC (root, hibernate). Pally--no stealth (good bait though); does Hammer of Justice DR on Cheap Shot/Kidney Shot? I have kind of dismissed priest because fear vs Will of the Foresaken. I welcome input or suggestions from experienced rogues beyond my theorycrafting at this point :). Thanks!
  12. The interview by Alexensual with Tyche was much more murky on the models aspect of this.
  13. Warl0ck

    Is strength good for Ench ?

    What is Enchancement? Is that a Rouge spec?
  14. Warl0ck

    How to gear elemental PvP shaman at lvl 60

    ? Who needs mana tide anyway? BWL downed first day. MC is puggable.
  15. Warl0ck

    Healer - Druid or Priest?

    Check this thread and the meters.