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  1. Maez

    Killing Them One Arrow at a Time – Hunter PvP Tips

    PVP oriented characters will have engineering in most cases, you cannot rely on this. Have you heard of the shadow priest blackout talent? Warlock's succubus can cast seduction on you OR FEAR, they kill your pet, then no BW for you. If by most of the time you mean some of the time. A good warrior will not stay in one stance, and will keep you snared and hopefully kill you BEFORE you have a chance to get away. I do agree that you should have an easier time with warriors than some other classes. Blessing of Freedom. Immunity Shield. What if the paly has engineering, or repentance, or Pursuit of Justice... If you pop cheetah and the paladin happens to have 31pt holy for Holy Shock? Intimidate is nothing to snuff at... Though you forgot Scatter Shot and Imp. Wingclip for the Marksman/Survival players. Yes, this helps as an additional interrupt. It cancels the pet's auto attack, but if the opposing player targets you again (via clicking or target last target) they can command their pet to attack you again. This is a good strategy for bots, yes. A good mage will cc you and kill your pet, especially if you're BM. Pet attack macros are also useful and a pet follow/passive attached to your mount button. Protip: Also, unbind your S key as a hunter, that will prevent you from being a bad. :P
  2. Maez

    Noob Questions

    I use gmail. There may be issues with the page since Elysium has been getting ddos'd the past couple of days. The authentication server has been acting wonky also, so it may just be related to that.
  3. Maez

    Noob Questions

    Maybe just don't stream under the same account. Or share screen shots on live. Those things might get you banned.
  4. Maez

    Taming new pets yield no new abilities.

    The trainer just teaches you the ability, you have to train it to your pet if you want them, they cost you training points though.
  5. Maez

    Best places for iron/mithril nodes

    I always thought that Arathi Highlands was a good place for Iron, and there are even mithril spawns in the cave to the east of the horde town IIRC. For mithril, I typically would do a loop around badlands and into searing gorge (though you do end up with some dark iron, too), then repeat.
  6. Maez

    IMPORTANT! We must unite!

    inb4 every hunter in the world makes a /target beerwizzard /cast Viper Sting macro.
  7. Maez

    Taming new pets yield no new abilities.

    The Hunter Helper addon is nice for finding certain ranks of abilities in-game. Just type /hh find <spell> #.
  8. Maez

    paladins in pvp / holy dps

    I'm currently working toward recreating my paly from vanilla on live, but healing dungeons should be plenty doable. You just don't get the Healing Light bonus, nor the utility of protection, which you don't necessarily need in 5-man dungeon content. This build is mostly for bursty and "somewhat controllable" damage and strong healing during small PVP skirmishes. If you want Imp BoW, I would suggest dropping Unyielding Faith for it. For PVP, the small boost that it gives is not worth taking Imp BoW, IMO.
  9. Maez

    paladins in pvp / holy dps

    I used to run this spec as a shockadin back in vanilla with PVP gear and TUF. I preferred it because it was more consistent than retribution burst dps, but still had a fair amount of burst. I would run BoW with either Retribution or Concentration Aura. And go ham, it also makes for a better support healer in group fights than retribution.
  10. Maez

    PvP Huntard?

    Pursuit of Justice, BLESSING OF FREEDOM, Eye for an Eye, Bubble, BoP. Cleanse x infinity. Paladins have lots of options too, you've probably only faced bad ones. Honestly, I think that 31 pt ret builds aren't that great versus the Holy Shock/Eye for an Eye build, and most go for the LOLRET. At least with holy you can take down kiters much more easily. Hunters do have so many options though in terms of control, but PVP still comes down to the skill of both players in a fight.
  11. This is pretty awesome, thanks! Yeah, pre-Cataclysm barrens covers lvl 10-30+ for horde players, so a lot of people spend a lot of time there leveling up. Not to mention everything is 500 miles away between quests, it just feels like you're stuck there for an eternity.
  12. If we're talking about taking on multiples, I would have to disagree with this, and say that warlock is better. This because of the versatility of the class and the fact that you don't have to deal with the dead zone. You might have more downtime on a lock, but i definitely think they're better at handling multiples early on. That being said, once you get into the swing of things and find your "rhythm" you'll be able to go far longer without dying if you're careful. And always remember, you can group if you can't handle a particular area or quest, some things are easier with help.
  13. Maez

    Taming Mazzranache

    An update to this issue, I seem to have no problems once autoshot is turned off during the channel.
  14. Maez

    Taming Mazzranache

    I pulled by using concussive shot. Going to try the /script PetAbandon() command when I get home.
  15. Maez

    Taming Mazzranache

    https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/2925 Just posted this in the bug tracker, feel free to add evidence so maybe we can get this fixed without a workaround.