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  1. Ninjacorpse

    Head of Nefarian reward on horde, elysium

    item showed up after 2nd server update this noon
  2. Ninjacorpse

    Head of Nefarian reward on horde, elysium

    Every time i run the client, script first deletes wdb folder so yes.
  3. Hi, I'm just wondering if the quest "the lord of blackrock" (http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=7784) is bugged for horde before i try turn it in. We killed nefarian and i looted the head, turned quest in to Thrall and on the 2nd part to talk to high overlord for the reward and buff. Only 2 out of the 3 rewards are listed in the quest and I see no horde players on realmplayers with the master dragonslayer's ring wich is the reward i want to pick. If its bugged ill just let it sit in my logs rather then turn in and potentially loose my reward?
  4. Ninjacorpse

    Elemental fire droprate is seriously low

    People camped those in retail as well, lowering droprate will only force people to stay longer. And force prices higher. Fun world pvp over it tho
  5. Ninjacorpse

    Restorative Potion

    Then you can't. Level an alt
  6. Ninjacorpse

    bwl id changed after restart

    I have another guilds id now after restart, 187, I had 189 and cannot enter our raid anymore since latest server restart toon: ninjacorpse on elysium
  7. Ninjacorpse


    Got fixed now in 1.5 update yes
  8. Forcing players over to tbc is what killed say feenix. New servers or option ot copy toons is a much better option then forcing people into expansions.
  9. Ninjacorpse


    It's mainly staff not having played during vanilla so they dont know how things are suposed to work exactly and rely on people adressing it (correctly) on githib
  10. Ninjacorpse

    Gnomish Death Ray

    Mine crits fairly frequently.
  11. Ninjacorpse


    Get in line behind (again) broken stealth levels
  12. Ninjacorpse

    [HORDE] [EU] <Resurrected>

    Summer brings harder times to fully fill raids but its excpected and now is a good chance for new (and old) members to get a shot at joining the fun, post an accplication on our site even tho your class might show as closed and if it's done well we might have a spot for you! Also bump
  13. By elite he means king Magni with his lvl 70 stats in opposition ot 5 mannable Sylvanas
  14. gm's being online ingame catching afkers/hackers/bots/goldpsammers.. There once was a dream that was Rome
  15. Ninjacorpse


    They always had 21agi on retail, its bugged here for months