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I started playing WoW on release day and have played every expansion of wow to end game content.  My mains during Vanilla included an 60 Undead Warlock on Emerald Dream and a 60 Human Paladin on Maelstrom.  During that time I had both epic mounts, I loved all of the class quests and the depth of the game.

My warlock was decked out in Full T1 with T2 Pants and Helm because our guild spent a lot of time farming MC/ZG/Onyxia/AQ20.  I PVE'd with SM/Ruin and PVP'd with Destruction (conflag/master summoner from what I remember).

My Paladin was more PVP focused with the Blue PVP gear, The Unstoppable Force, and enginnering.  Because who doesn't love to bubble and pop Gnomish Death Ray and crit for 3k+ and mind control people in WPVP?  She also was holy spec with Holy Shock, Eye for an Eye, Seal of Command, Pursuit of justice, lots of fun.  This is about what my spec looked like.