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    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    I went to the Poison Quest lockbox and was able to level up to 170ish pretty easily. It's got to be some kind of bug because I know that I opened that thing 20 times and didn't level at all a few days ago. Stick with it and you'll get over that hump.
  2. Vene

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Thats what I was thinking too. Every guide I look at says use that chest but it's doing nothing.
  3. Vene

    Is Slice and Dice any useful for Leveling ?

    A 1 pt SnD is enough for most leveling mobs.
  4. Vene

    Impossible to pickpocket again?

    Not that Ive found. You can get an addon that will move the loot box to your cursor, which makes it pretty easy to click the loots you want. pfUI does it, I dont know the specific addons that do it though.
  5. Vene

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    I get a level from every 10-15 times I open the poison quest chest in westfall. My LP is only at 125.
  6. Vene

    Not enough

    Definitely not enough spawns. Even looking in areas that are supposedly good spots there is nothing. I'm not talking about at peak hours either, the zones are almost deserted.